Why BMW’s Sweet 18s rule in Singapore

BMW’S 118i, 218i Gran Coupe and 318i offer performance and efficiency without compromising on the authentic BMW driving experience

Owning a BMW is an aspirational goal of many, and that goal is now much more achievable thanks to the plethora of choices that BMW offers today.

The BMW 118i, BMW 218i Gran Coupe and BMW 318i encapsulates the essence of what today’s discerning drivers are looking for. They offer the ideal combination of performance and efficiency, and yet without sacrificing the driving enjoyment that has become a BMW hallmark over the years.

All three models feature highly efficient but powerful TwinPower turbocharged engines that deliver an exhilarating drive. At the same time, each model also offers a different take on a formula that shares common ingredients, but each mixed to a different recipe.

BMW 118i

The BMW 118i is the ‘pocket rocket’ of the BMW range, and it packs a mighty punch.

The car may be compact, but it is highly dynamic and agile. The punchy engine gives a truly fun experience that is bound to delight any keen driving enthusiast.

It also features BMW’s actuator contiguous wheel slip limitation (ARB) technology, ported over from the groundbreaking BMW i3. ARB is designed to transmit information from the individual wheel slip sensors to the engine control unit extremely quickly, which results in the car correcting itself up to 10 times quicker – as perceived by the driver than previous-gen systems. In other words, the car will know of any traction irregularity long before the driver is even aware of the danger, and correct any potential traction loss before the car even begins to slip away from the direction of intended travel. It is exceptionally handy on slippery, uneven roads, ensuring you of a safe motoring experience.

Clever packaging means that despite the size of the car, it still has an interior that is more than spacious enough for small families. The compact footprint, with short front and rear overhangs, makes it a breeze to drive and park in tight city spaces.

In the cabin, the ergonomic dashboard is quintessentially BMW with its premium build quality and sporty driving position. The BMW 118i is practical too, with plenty of legroom for rear passengers, and a generous and wide 380-litre boot to accommodate your belongings for those weekend trips to Sentosa, furniture shopping runs at Ikea, and family picnics to parks.

There’s plenty of clever tech as well. Available on the BMW 118i is the BMW
Intelligent Personal Assistant, through which you can execute various vehicular functions simply by saying, “Hey BMW” and voicing out your command. Truly a premium experience that also enhances driving safety, as you no longer have to take your eyes off the road to adjust many vehicle settings while on the move.

Engine1,499cc, in-line 3,
Power140hp at 4600-6500rpm
Torque220Nm at 1480-4200rpm
Gearbox7-speed dual-clutch
0-100km/h8.5 seconds
Top Speed213km/h
Fuel Efficiency5.9L/100km

BMW 218i Gran Coupe

The BMW 218i Gran Coupe is closely related to the BMW 118i, and while it shares much with its sibling, it charts its own path with its unique style and character.

The 218i Gran Coupe features the same ARB wheel slip control system found in the BMW 118i, and is also equipped with the BMW Live Cockpit Professional, a fully digital infotainment system. Alongside the advanced GPS navigation system, you can also customise the screens and widgets to your needs. If you hop into another BMW, all your custom settings can follow you instantly as they are stored in the BMW cloud, accessible immediately with a PIN number from any other current-generation BMW.

You’ll find a very useful parking assistant, together with a reverse assistant function that remembers the route you drove forwards for the last 50 metres and can automatically steer the vehicle, going backwards, while retracing the exact route.

The BMW 218i Gran Coupe mixes its fun drivability with a sleek four-door coupe body style that truly turns heads wherever you go. Its swooping lines are one-of-a-kind, and the car’s design looks like nothing else on the road.

It blends cutting-edge vehicle styling with a high level of everyday practicality. It has a 430-litre boot that can swallow plenty of gear for your weekend activities. It also offers a classy cabin designed to accommodate you and your passengers on your driving journeys, and you can impress them with its tech features too, such as the BMW Connected suite of connectivity services that include Real Time Traffic Information and Concierge Services.

Engine1,499cc, in-line 3,
Power140hp at 4600-6500rpm
Torque220Nm at 1480-4200rpm
Gearbox7-speed dual-clutch
0-100km/h8.7 seconds
Top Speed215km/h
Fuel Efficiency5.9L/100km

BMW 318i

For the budding executive, the BMW 318i makes for a fantastic choice. With its premium features matched with an involving and spirited character, it’s a car for someone who wants something to suit his lifestyle, both at work and play.

The BMW 318i sends power to the rear wheels through a seamless eight-speed Steptronic automatic transmission that is possibly the smoothest gearbox you can find in this segment.

Yet, the BMW 318i retains the same driver engagement sensibility as any other 3 Series model, with its sharp handling and well-tuned chassis that has made it a favourite over many generations. It lets you have fun when you desire, and settles down to soothe and comfort you when you’re on the way home.

It’s all wrapped up in an executive sedan package that looks stylish and modern, with its unmistakable BMW kidney grille giving the 318i a striking presence. LED headlights and rear lights further enhance the luxurious characteristics of the car’s appearance, along with a sporty stance that epitomises the essence of what BMW is all about.

The car also delivers the premium experience that is synonymous with BMW, with its Driving Assistant suite of safety features, including Front Collision Warning with Brake Intervention, and Rear Collision Prevention, available as standard.

In the cabin, wireless charging capability for mobile devices enhances the experience even further. Apple fans can also look forward to the new BMW Digital Key – this function will be live in Singapore from the last quarter of 2020. It’s a secure, digital car key on compatible iPhones that allows you to operate your door locks and start your BMW, even if the iPhone has its battery depleted.

Engine1,998cc, in-line 4,
Power156hp at 4500-6500rpm
Torque250Nm at 1300-4300rpm
Gearbox8-speed automatic
0-100km/h8.4 seconds
Top Speed223km/h
Fuel Efficiency6.3L/100km

Find out more at www.bmw.com.sg

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