The new BMW 330e is now here in Singapore

BMW wraps up a busy 2019 in Singapore with the introduction of the new 330e plug-in hybrid, which brings in a dose of XtraBoost for more dynamic performance

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BMW has had a very busy and productive 2019 in Singapore, having had a whole slew of new launches and product updates throughout the year. These included the new 1 Series, Z4, X6, X7 and 8 Series, as well as updated versions of the X1 and 7 Series.

But arguably the most important car for BMW in 2019 has had to be the new 3 Series, given the executive sedan’s status as BMW’s core model, as well as being its best-selling product. We first drove the car locally in 330i M Sport form, followed by the softer 330i Luxury trim, and then more recently the lesser-powered 320i model.

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The 3 Series line-up will continue to grow further over the coming months, with the latest variant to join the line-up being the 330e plug-in hybrid, which takes the mantle of being the last BMW model to be launched in Singapore in 2019.

The new 330e effectively has the same engine as the 320i, with a 2.0-litre four-cylinder unit producing 184hp and 300Nm of torque. However, it pairs that with an electric motor, and the 330e therefore has a total power output of 292hp and 420Nm of torque, making it even more powerful than the 330i.

More interestingly, the 330e also comes with a new function that BMW dubs XtraBoost, which delivers an extra 40hp on top of the already available power. All the driver has to do is put the car into Sport mode, and give “a vigorous stamp on the accelerator” (BMW’s words) to unlock this additional dose of punch for about 10 seconds. With XtraBoost in play, the 330e is able to go from 0-100km/h in 5.9 seconds, which is just 0.1 second slower than the 330i. Who says hybrids are boring?

That tree is now so far away thanks to XtraBoost

When you’re done messing about with XtraBoost, and want to settle down into regular humdrum hybrid motoring, the 330e delivers on that front too. Putting the car in Hybrid mode allows for pure electric motoring at speeds up to 110km/h, while if you set the car into full Electric mode, the car can drive on electricity alone at up to 140km/h, an increase of 20km/h over the previous model.

Range on electric mode is around 60 to 65km, and given Singapore’s small size, it is entirely feasible that you could do your daily commute in the 330e without using a single drop of fuel.

The BMW 330e is now available for sale in Singapore, and retails for $248,888, inclusive of COE, after factoring in a Vehicular Emissions Scheme (VES) rebate of $15,000 thanks to its A2 banding. Now that’s an XtraBoost to end the year with.

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