BMW and Mini update their apps

BMW and Mini have released new versions of their car connectivity apps, with a revised user design interface and functionalities to support electro-mobility

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BMW has released new versions of their car connectivity apps, which help owners stay connected with their cars through their smartphones.

The new apps are branded My BMW App and Mini App, for BMW and Mini owners respectively, and BMW says that they featured a new design and a simplified and more intuitive user experience. In addition, BMW adds that the new apps incorporate new services to support electro-mobility for owners of the brand’s electrified cars.

Both apps are available for iOS and Android operating systems, and displays information on the car’s status, such as amount of fuel remaining. Depending on the model and equipment availability, the app is also able to perform certain functions remotely, such as locking and unlocking the car, in effect turning the app-equipped smartphone into a digital car key.

Other features include the ability to send navigation instructions directly from the app to the car’s navigation system, as well as a Remote 3D View function that lets owners monitor the car’s surroundings. Owners can also use the app to monitor the car’s servicing intervals, book servicing appointments, and contact roadside assistance if required.

For owners of electrified BMW and Mini vehicles, the app lets them have an overview of the car’s remaining electric range, its charging status, and charging history. They can also use the app to set specific start and end times for charging their cars, and even switch on the car’s air con if the car is parked under the sun. Users can also use the app to search for suitable charging stations while on the move.

Users of the My BMW App will also have their own BMW ID which they can use to log in to the app, via scanning a QR code, and set their own customised settings which they can transfer from car to car using the same ID. The app will also notify owners of any software upgrades to their cars, and they can download the updates through the app, and subsequently transfer and install them to their cars when connected.

The My BMW App and Mini App are now available for download, and will replace the BMW Connected and Mini Connected apps which will be discontinued from July 2021. Existing users can use their current login information on the new apps without needing to re-register.

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