The BMW iX3 will take you into the age of electric motoring

Singaporean BMW enthusiast Kelvin Chan explains why he can’t wait to get behind the wheel of BMW’s first fully-electric Sports Activity Vehicle


While BMW is mostly about dynamic driving characteristics and ‘emotional appeal’, it’s also very forward-looking. The brand is no stranger to breaking new ground and has caught the eye of many passionate fans with the fully-electric BMW iX3, which recently made its debut in Singapore. One of the people looking forward to getting behind the wheel of the iX3 is long-time BMW enthusiast Kelvin Chan.

BMW enthusiast Kelvin Chan and his BMW M340i xDrive

He has owned five BMWs over the last decade, culminating in the BMW M340i xDrive that he now drives. While he talks about the M340i being ‘practically complete’ and is everything that he wants in a car, Kelvin has set his sights on the new BMW iX3 as the next step for his family car. 

With a driving range of up to 459km, an electricity consumption rating of 19.4kWh/100km, and absolutely no tailpipe emissions, the BMW iX3 is as clean as a car can get.

The car’s lithium-ion battery pack sends power to the electric motor which develops a maximum torque output of 400Nm and has a power rating of 286hp. Unlike conventional turbocharged internal combustion engines that deliver the most power only within a relatively narrow operating range, an electric motor produces maximum torque anywhere within its rev range, eliminating the need for a multi-speed gearbox.

This also translates to maximum acceleration power, anytime you need it. Overtaking quickly and safely on the highways is a breeze with this instant torque delivery from the electric motor.

The BMW iX3 maintains all the dynamism that BMWs are known for, with its rear-wheel drive architecture, finely tuned suspension system and weight balance.

For Kelvin, who once owned a BMW X3, the big question from friends is why doesn’t he simply buy another one?

“I feel that we are already moving into the age of electric motoring,” he says. “The government in Singapore is encouraging us to go with green motoring, so I felt that it’s also time to try something new with an electric car. As I am already a BMW enthusiast, the choice of an iX3 as a car for me and my family is an easy one to make.”

The additional design benefit of an electric car is that without traditional components like a large exhaust pipe and gearbox to factor into the car’s layout, the cabin will have more interior space.

Kelvin adds, “My family, including my daughter, is looking forward to the idea of us moving around in an electric car too. It’ll be much quieter than any internal combustion engine and will make for a smooth driving experience with everyone onboard. I really don’t have to worry about charging either, as I am confident that the local infrastructure will improve quickly.

The malls in Singapore are already starting to have car chargers installed at the carparks. When we go for our weekly groceries, I can always charge the car there. At fast charging stations, the iX3 can go from zero to 80 percent charge in slightly over half an hour, it’s as good as I need it to be.”

The BMW iX3 is not only one of the longest ranged electric cars you can now buy in Singapore, but also the most affordable BMW X3 in the brand’s lineup. 

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See more of the BMW iX3 and discover why Kelvin Chan really likes BMWs in this video!

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