BMW Motorrad Launches Two Roadsters

Singapore – BMW Motorrad continues its busy year with the launch of two roadsters today at dealer Performance Motors showroom on 315 Alexandra Road.

The F 800 R and R 1200 R are ‘standard’ (that is, unfaired road bikes) motorcycles which form the mainstay of any motorcycle maker’s sales in developed markets such as the USA or Europe.

The F 800 R remains a lightweight ‘do-everything’ urban bike, with a smattering of improvements overall, although it’s still mechanically very similar to the preceding model.

There’s a sleeker, one-piece headlight unit (compared to the ‘winking’ design of before) and new bodywork. Now the front forks have been upgraded to upside-down-type units, while the dual-disc brakes feature radial calipers. First and second gear are shorter, for better low-speed acceleration, while the engine makes 3bhp more for 90bhp in total. As part of the ‘F’ family of bikes, it’s powered by the 799cc parallel-twin as found in machines like the F 700 GS.

The F 800 R is BMW’s ‘beginner’ bike, although given the capabilities of the bike and its sister, the F 800 ST, it has a reputation for pleasing even experienced bikers. But it’s extra newbie-friendly now too, a lower seat (790mm down from 800mm) makes it even more manageable, in addition to a low mass of 202kg with all fluids.

The new F 800 R is priced at $25,600 (machine price) and comes with BMW’s (Electronic Suspension Adjustment (ESA), antilock brakes (ABS) anti-slip control (basic traction control or ASC), a main-stand, lugagge grid and case holders for luggage.

BMW’s departed from its previous positioning with the new R 1200 R. Before, this model was the retro-styled cruiser of the line-up, but now that position is usurped by the R nine T the new R 1200 R takes a distinctly more modern tack.


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It’s very apparent in the new, more angular styling, and each of the three colour choices (Cordoba Blue, Light White, Thunder Grey Metallic) has a unique frame colour to match.

The new bike is powered by the new water-cooled 1,170cc boxer twin engine for starters (as compared the R nine T with the ‘classic’ air-oil cooled boxer) that packs a not-inconsiderable 125bhp.

Standard on the bike at $32,600 machine retail price is the more advanced Dynamic ESA, cruise control, a main stand, centre and side luggage mounts/grid and trip computer. Optional for $1600 is the Comfort and Dynamic Package which adds Dynamic Traction Control, tyre pressure monitoring and a daytime riding light.

The standard bike has two riding modes, Road and Rain, which adjust throttle response and power, while adding DTC also means its behaviour is modified accordingly. The package also includes ‘Pro’ Riding modes, ‘Dynamic’ which is for fast riding and ‘User’ which is configurable. Lastly the package also adds keyless go, or what BMW calls ‘Keyless Ride’.

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