BMW Motorrad unveils new-retro road warriors

BMW R Nine T Racer Singapore 5
New BMW R Nine T Racer and Urban G/S launched in Singapore, prices from $39k machine

SINGAPORE – Saturday, July 21 saw the debut of two additions to BMW’s ever-expanding ‘new-retro’ R Nine T line-up, with the premiere of the R Nine T Racer (below, foreground) and R Nine T Urban G/S (below, rear).

BMW R Nine T Racer Singapore 3

Both machines reflect the popular trends lead by independent custom bike makers, whose machines generally fall into either the cafe racer or off-road/scrambler inflected genres.

BMW R Nine T Racer Singapore 4

The R Nine T Racer represents the most direct link to the machine that now bears an entire model family in tribute to its name: The original R90S was BMW’s first majorly successful superbike, hailing from 1973.

SAM 7343

The Racer has a bullet-style bikini fairing (that is the body/chassis remains uncovered) and clip-ons with a rather extreme angle of reach – like all cafe racers you’ll look good going fast but it may be painful over long distances. Other options include customisation touches like the clear-coated aluminium tank and spoked wheels.

BMW R Nine T Racer Singapore 6

Standard on the bike is a single-seat with racing style aero-hump, although provisions for a pillion can be added and require additional pegs with integrated sub-frame reinforcement. The silver frame colour is unique to the Racer model.

BMW R Nine T Racer Singapore 2
The Selfish Machine – single seat only as standard. Two-up is a cost option

With the Racer evincing classic superbike genes, the Urban G/S does the same with BMW’s now legendary off-road heritage – it’s modeled after the first GS model, the 1980 R80 G/S (GS standing for gelande/strasse, or ‘offroad and street’). That link is quite clear in the beaked front fender, headlight surround/minimalist fairing, white paintwork and BMW racing colours, including the red seat unit.

BMW R Nine T Urban Gs Singapore 5

Despite the off-road inflections, the Urban G/S (as the ‘Urban’ bit suggests) is meant to be an on-road machine, although naturally the R Nine T customisation options allow for semi-knobbly tyres and spoked wheels.

BMW R Nine T Urban Gs Singapore 4
Semi-knobblies but don’t take this baby off-road too far

The R Nine T Racer is priced at $40,000 (machine only) and R Nine T Urban G/S at $39,000 (machine only).
BMW R Nine T Urban Gs Singapore 3
Classic single instrument for the Urban G/S 

Both bikes use the same 1,170cc oil-cooler boxer twin engine with 110bhp, mated to six-speed manual transmission and shaft final drive. As expected of a R Nine T family machine, the front right-side-up forks are 43mm with 125mm of travel, BMW Paralever rear suspension with 120mm of travel, plus a dual-front 320mm brake system with ABS as standard. The two bikes also have similar geometry overall.

BMW R Nine T Urban Gs Singapore 1

The progenitor of the R Nine T range is the original R Nine T roadster, which debuted in 2014 and was an immediate hit worldwide – its success paved the way for a full-fledged R Nine T family, including the less expensive base model, the R Nine T Pure, and the semi off-road capable R Nine T Scrambler.

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