Bugatti Chiron yours for just $4-million SGD

1,500bhp hypercar launches in Singapore tomorrow, priced at $3.7m

Singapore – Arguably the epitome of an ‘if you have to ask’ type car, the Bugatti Chiron will be making its regional debut in Singapore tomorrow against the backdrop of the Formula One night race.

Wearnes Automotive is the official dealer for Bugatti in Singapore and according to it, the car is priced at 2.4-million Euro, or $3.68-million Singapore dollars, without tax or options.

As the Chiron, like the Veyron, is built only in left-hand drive, you can’t have one on the road here so you won’t need a Certificate of Entitlement (COE) or the Additional Registration Fee (ARF) but you will need the usual license to import and store it somewhere as is typical with ‘collector’ cars here. There’s at least one Veyron in Singapore that we know of.

With GST the price of the Chiron rises to $3.93-million, in other words, it’s so expensive GST alone is $257,600, so we don’t foresee any huge barriers to importing it here. Considering that Bugatti president Wolfgang Durheimer has been quoted as saying the typical Veyron customer spent about $380,000 on options, that would make the final price, with tax, even higher.

The Chiron, like its predecessor, is basically the Volkswagen Group’s ultimate halo machine and is even more powerful. With a new carbonfibre monocoque design to save weight, a re-designed engine and improved aerodynamics, the car should easily eclipse the 420km/h speed record set by the Veyron.

The eight-litre, quad-turbo W16 engine makes 1,500bhp (against the Veyron SS with 1,200bhp) and is cooled by ten radiators. The exhaust uses a blown diffuser, the sort of aero tech banned in F1. The car’s speed is limited to 380km/h on normal operation, but a second mode unlocks to 420km/h. Theoretically the car is also capable of 460km/h or more, although Bugatti has yet to do an official speed run on the car.

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