’s Weekly Roundup – 2 July 2021

We drive a S$200,000 rally-bred Toyota hot hatch, as well as Mercedes-Benz’s first full EV to go on sale in Singapore, while the team brings you a video review of the new Volkswagen Golf

Here’s why this S$200k Toyota hatchback is a bargain

The Toyota GR Yaris is one of the most highly-anticipated cars from the Japanese carmaker in years, and Derryn has gotten his hands on one for a test drive in Singapore. Bred on the rallying stage and now completely sold out in Singapore, the GR Yaris is a Toyota like no other. Check out the review here, and see whether it lives up to the hype (spoiler: it does).

The EQC previews the future of Mercedes-Benz for Singaporean drivers

Mercedes-Benz’s first full EV to go on sale in Singapore, the EQC, is as much a Mercedes-Benz as any other, as Lionel notes in his review. But with both Singapore and Mercedes-Benz themselves committing to an all-electric future, the EQC could very much represent the start of what customers can come to expect from the Three-Pointed Star in the years ahead. Read our review here to check out what your future Mercedes-Benz would be like.

CarBuyer reviews the new Volkswagen Golf, on video!

If you like your reviews in video form, no worries, we got that too! The new Volkswagen Golf has been a sellout hit in the month or so since its launch in Singapore, and we’ve extensively covered it in detail online and in print. Still, if you enjoy your automotive content in a more visual format, go ahead and check out our video review of the new eighth generation Volkswagen Golf.

The Volkswagen Golf remains an unbeatable icon

Speaking of the Golf, have you ever wondered why Volkswagen’s iconic hatchback has remained such an firm favourite among drivers and fans alike for over 45 years? The Golf has truly become an enduring automotive beacon since its introduction in 1974, and the eighth generation version continues the legacy of reinventing itself for the times while staying true to its essence. Read more about what makes the Golf such an unbeatable icon here.

We offer our first impressions of Singapore’s first electric motorcycle

Italian motorcycle manufacturer Energica made its debut in Singapore last week, and they’re the first brand to offer high-performance electric motorcycles for sale here. We’ve taken their EsseEsse 9+ bike out for a quick ride to see what it’s like, so check out this video for our exclusive walkthrough and first riding impressions.

Pioneer launches its new AVH-A245BT receiver in Singapore

Pioneer has introduced its new AVH-A245BT receiver as part of its A-Series range of receivers for 2021. The AVH-A245BT features WebLink Cast, which allows for seamless connectivity with your iPhone or Android smartphone, and is available at an affordable price of just S$549 including GST. Click here to find out more.

Audi’s facelifted Q2 gets more efficient…with a bigger engine?

You read that right. The Audi Q2 has now been given a mid-life update, and Audi says that the car is more efficient than ever despite having a bigger 1.5-litre engine. Ben takes the cleaner and greener (literally) Q2 out for a drive to find out what sort of magical trickery Audi has pulled off, and you can read his review here.

The Porsche Cayenne goes full Turbo GT

Porsche this week unveiled the Cayenne Turbo GT, an SUV that’s tuned for hardcore track performance. Incredibly, the Cayenne Turbo GT holds the record for being the fastest production SUV around the Nurburgring, and you can buy it here in Singapore! Check out how much it will cost you in our news story here.

Hyundai’s Kona Hybrid and EV gets a facelift

Hyundai’s Kona crossover has been given a facelift, and the Hybrid and Electric versions are now on sale in Singapore. The pair gets an extensive redesign, and an improved set of connectivity and driver safety features, as part of its mid-life update. To find out what else is new on the facelifted Kona, check out our news story here.

Goodbye Infiniti, Hello Polestar

After a decade on sale here, Infiniti is bidding farewell to Singapore, according to its official local distributor, Wearnes Automotive. In its place though is exciting Swedish electric car brand Polestar, which will make its debut here by the end of 2021. Say Sayonara to Infiniti and Hej to Polestar in our exclusive news coverage here.

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