’s Weekly Roundup – 9 July 2021

We drive the all-new Honda Jazz Hybrid in Singapore, and give you the details of the new BMW 2 Series that was unveiled this week, while there’s also a new Ferrari in town

The Honda Jazz Hybrid is the one that you want

The Honda Jazz Hybrid is now available for sale through official channels for the first time in Singapore, and Derryn has taken it out for a test drive. Is it any good, and has it been worth the wait? Click through to read our comprehensive review to see whether the new Jazz Hybrid is worth your money (spoiler: yes it is).

New BMW 2 Series unveiled

BMW unveiled the second-generation version of its 2 Series Coupe this week, and it sticks to the classic old school formula of having internal combustion engines (ICEs) and rear wheel drive. It’s a move that should delight enthusiasts looking for a purer driving experience, and the 2 Series will launch with the 220i and performance M240i xDrive versions later this year. Read our news story to find out the full details. 

Ferrari Portofino M lands in Singapore

If you have about S$900,000 or so to spend, here’s the latest automotive toy you can look at, as the Ferrari Portofino M has now landed in Singapore. Essentially an extensively updated version of the Portofino (the ‘M’ stands for Modificata), the Prancing Horse’s latest model features mild styling updates, as well as a more powerful (and yet cleaner) engine and a new 8-speed gearbox. Check out our news story on the Portofino M here.

Peugeot’s new 508 is a fantastique drive

If you’re looking for a big sedan (perhaps you’re just tired of SUVs) and want something that’s a bit different and exciting, Peugeot has a new contender in town. The 508 is the French company’s contender to challenge the likes of the Volkswagen Passat and Toyota Camry, but it delivers plenty of style, as well as some lovely driving manners. Ben liked it a lot, so check out his review here to see if you agree.

Stamford Tyres opens a new branch at Serangoon Gardens

Singaporean tyre retailer Stamford Tyres has opened its latest branch, located at the Shell station along Serangoon Gardens. The super-convenient location allows customers to drop off their cars, and then head to the nearby food spots for a bite before returning to pick up their rides. There’s a special offer to celebrate the branch’s opening this weekend too, so read our news story to find out more. 

New Hyundai Tucson now available in Singapore

Hyundai has announced the arrival of the latest Tucson SUV in Singapore. The 1.6 turbo petrol will be offered for sale here first, with prices starting at S$146,999 with COE. But later in the year there will be a Tucson Hybrid model made available for the very first time. Read all about the new Tucson in our news story here.

Polestar to officially arrive in Singapore in November

Following our exclusive news story last week, automotive dealership group Wearnes Automotive has now confirmed that it will bring in Swedish performance brand Polestar in November this year.  The first model on sale will be the Polestar 2, an electric sedan that competes with the Tesla Model 3. What else is in store for Polestar here? Check our our news story by clicking this link.

Lexus’ first full electric vehicle offers a limited user experience

Lexus has finally made the electric plunge, and its first full battery electric vehicle (BEV) is now here in Singapore. Ben has taken it for a test drive, but unfortunately finds that the UX 300e comes up short due to several limitations. What are they, and are they enough to blunt the UX 300e’s appeal here? Read the review to find out.

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