aston martin db11 review singapore

DB11: The car that drove Aston Martin back into profit

The Aston Martin DB11 is a case study in one inescapable truth about the flashy two-door market.

vw fleet sales singapore

What it’s like when you buy 12 cars at once

Retailers like Volkswagen Group Singapore are helping business clients manage vehicle fleets

intel autonomous driving day 2017

Uber and taxi drivers could be obsolete here by 2020

The multibillion dollar race to put autonomous cars on the road might not be won by a carmaker at all

yokohama fleva singapore 2

Yokohama’s Intense Fleva

How Yokohama`s new Advan Fleva V701 tyre meets the needs of sporty, demanding drivers 

sam 5669

5 Things You Didn’t Know About BMW M (updated)

New M8 confirmed, M`s Nurb test centre and more: 5 things you didn`t know about BMW M`s past, present and future 

volkswagen commercial vehicles

4 reasons to buy a Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle

Falling COE prices for Cat C aside, the choice for a light commercial vehicle is clear: Volkswagen. Here are four great reasons why

law 04

Dealing with dishonesty

If your money’s been taken by a dishonest car dealer there isn`t much you can do, sadly. A commercial lawyer tells us exactly why 

track driving intro 630

4 Crucial Things Your Driving Instructor Never Taught You

And how driving on track makes you a better, safer driver on the street too

kia carens diesel

4 Great Reasons To Drive Diesel Now

Kia gives us four very good reasons to go for a diesel in Singapore, right now

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Brothers In Altis

Can a car be the glue that holds people together? That’s certainly the case with the Toyota Corolla Altis

porsche driving experience price singapore

Porsche Driving Experience: Learn fast, from $2,000

For $2,000 and up, Porsche can train customers to become racing drivers. But can it turn one of CarBuyer’s writers into a competent driver?

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Mod Rocker

Ken Pan’s unique Toyota Corolla Altis is proof you can achieve your ‘mod vision’ without sacrificing peace of mind

lamborghini aventador s singapore price

Ego Mania

The new Lamborghini Aventador S is designed to appeal not just to customers’ need for speed, but to one other thing as well: their ego.

bmw hp4 race singapore4

BMW’s $200k Carbonfibre Motorcycle

BMW Motorrad unveils the HP4 Race, a racing-spec, carbon-framed, limited-edition superbike

sg altis club

SG Altis Club: The Altis appreciation society

A passionate group of Corolla Altis drivers are making no secret of their love for Toyota’s perennial best-seller...

640px kampfpanzer leopard 2 a6

Singapore’s Top Crossover

Dynamic, emotional, fascinating - and weighing 62 tonnes

trd toyota singapore

How a TRD fan looked for Altis parts, but eventually found a family

When one passionate Corolla Altis driver embarked on a modification journey, he knew there was only one companion to seek...


It’s All About You

Have you ever wondered what exactly a Toyota Service Advisor does? We peek at a day in the life of an SA to find out how he ensures customers are driving happy