yokohama fleva singapore 2

Yokohama’s Intense Fleva

How Yokohama`s new Advan Fleva V701 tyre meets the needs of sporty, demanding drivers 

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5 Things You Didn’t Know About BMW M (updated)

New M8 confirmed, M`s Nurb test centre and more: 5 things you didn`t know about BMW M`s past, present and future 

volkswagen commercial vehicles

4 reasons to buy a Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle

Falling COE prices for Cat C aside, the choice for a light commercial vehicle is clear: Volkswagen. Here are four great reasons why

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Dealing with dishonesty

If your money’s been taken by a dishonest car dealer there isn`t much you can do, sadly. A commercial lawyer tells us exactly why 

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4 Crucial Things Your Driving Instructor Never Taught You

And how driving on track makes you a better, safer driver on the street too

kia carens diesel

4 Great Reasons To Drive Diesel Now

Kia gives us four very good reasons to go for a diesel in Singapore, right now

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Brothers In Altis

Can a car be the glue that holds people together? That’s certainly the case with the Toyota Corolla Altis

porsche driving experience price singapore

Porsche Driving Experience: Learn fast, from $2,000

For $2,000 and up, Porsche can train customers to become racing drivers. But can it turn one of CarBuyer’s writers into a competent driver?

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Mod Rocker

Ken Pan’s unique Toyota Corolla Altis is proof you can achieve your ‘mod vision’ without sacrificing peace of mind

lamborghini aventador s singapore price

Ego Mania

The new Lamborghini Aventador S is designed to appeal not just to customers’ need for speed, but to one other thing as well: their ego.

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BMW’s $200k Carbonfibre Motorcycle

BMW Motorrad unveils the HP4 Race, a racing-spec, carbon-framed, limited-edition superbike

sg altis club

SG Altis Club: The Altis appreciation society

A passionate group of Corolla Altis drivers are making no secret of their love for Toyota’s perennial best-seller...

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Singapore’s Top Crossover

Dynamic, emotional, fascinating - and weighing 62 tonnes

trd toyota singapore

How a TRD fan looked for Altis parts, but eventually found a family

When one passionate Corolla Altis driver embarked on a modification journey, he knew there was only one companion to seek...


It’s All About You

Have you ever wondered what exactly a Toyota Service Advisor does? We peek at a day in the life of an SA to find out how he ensures customers are driving happy


5 Reasons Why Smart Buyers Go Pre-Owned

AD-pre-owned cars combine the savings of a used car with the peace of mind that comes with a known dealership

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Super Commuting On A 160hp BMW Bike

Five reasons why BMW’s insanely quick S 1000 XR sports tourer is actually very much suited to the urban grind and more

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Inside the mind of a Motorshow model

Meet Emily, a model for Hyundai at the Singapore Motorshow 2017. She’s the sort to get inside your head...