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How a TRD fan looked for Altis parts, but eventually found a family

When one passionate Corolla Altis driver embarked on a modification journey, he knew there was only one companion to seek...


It’s All About You

Have you ever wondered what exactly a Toyota Service Advisor does? We peek at a day in the life of an SA to find out how he ensures customers are driving happy


5 Reasons Why Smart Buyers Go Pre-Owned

AD-pre-owned cars combine the savings of a used car with the peace of mind that comes with a known dealership

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Super Commuting On A 160hp BMW Bike

Five reasons why BMW’s insanely quick S 1000 XR sports tourer is actually very much suited to the urban grind and more

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Inside the mind of a Motorshow model

Meet Emily, a model for Hyundai at the Singapore Motorshow 2017. She’s the sort to get inside your head...

CB Analysis 2016: Greener & Leaner

Non-gas cars hit all-time high, and why 2017 could see pricier COEs

5 Reasons Choosing A Car Is Like Finding A Husband

It might sound weird, but choosing a car is just like selecting the right man to settle down with in the long term  


Toyota Corolla Altis : The Ultimate Christmas Gift

5 reasons why the world’s most popular car is a gift that keeps on giving

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The 5 best cars for Grab or Uber drivers

Driving to make a living, or just some spare cash? These are our top picks for the job. One costs only $28 a day to operate...

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ME first: A power Points presentation

Toyota ME is a loyalty rewards programme that lets you take care of yourself while taking care of your car

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Toyota Evening Express: Joy in the evening

How one Toyota Camry driver discovered happiness in the most unlikely place to have a plate of briyani

4 Facts Behind Toyota’s Hybrid Dominance

Toyota is big on hybrids - but you`d never guess how much it took to get there


What happens when a hybrid newbie drives a Toyota Prius

A self-confessed motorhead who loves her curves discovers there`s more to a hybrid than meets her eye  

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The 5 silliest myths about hybrid cars

How much do you really know about hybrid cars, and is ignorance cutting you off from one of the best driving experiences around?

The Modest Mountaineer

Special Feature: The Attrage shows that a compact sedan can co-exist with a sporty lifestyle  


5 Reasons The Toyota Prius Is An Awesome Taxi

The things that make the Toyota Prius a superb urban vehicle in Singapore also make it excel as a taxi

The Best Five Minutes A Driver Can Spend

Find out how five minutes a week - and for almost no cost - can make your motoring journey easier and safer

Girl and Car

Why your first car should be like the ideal girlfriend

You never forget your first, for good or bad. But whether you smile or cringe at the memory is something you can determine. Here’s how...