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Mod Rocker

Ken Pan’s unique Toyota Corolla Altis is proof you can achieve your ‘mod vision’ without sacrificing peace of mind

lamborghini aventador s singapore price

Ego Mania

The new Lamborghini Aventador S is designed to appeal not just to customers’ need for speed, but to one other thing as well: their ego.

bmw hp4 race singapore4

BMW’s $200k Carbonfibre Motorcycle

BMW Motorrad unveils the HP4 Race, a racing-spec, carbon-framed, limited-edition superbike

sg altis club

SG Altis Club: The Altis appreciation society

A passionate group of Corolla Altis drivers are making no secret of their love for Toyota’s perennial best-seller...

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Singapore’s Top Crossover

Dynamic, emotional, fascinating - and weighing 62 tonnes

trd toyota singapore

How a TRD fan looked for Altis parts, but eventually found a family

When one passionate Corolla Altis driver embarked on a modification journey, he knew there was only one companion to seek...


It’s All About You

Have you ever wondered what exactly a Toyota Service Advisor does? We peek at a day in the life of an SA to find out how he ensures customers are driving happy


5 Reasons Why Smart Buyers Go Pre-Owned

AD-pre-owned cars combine the savings of a used car with the peace of mind that comes with a known dealership

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Super Commuting On A 160hp BMW Bike

Five reasons why BMW’s insanely quick S 1000 XR sports tourer is actually very much suited to the urban grind and more

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Inside the mind of a Motorshow model

Meet Emily, a model for Hyundai at the Singapore Motorshow 2017. She’s the sort to get inside your head...

CB Analysis 2016: Greener & Leaner

Non-gas cars hit all-time high, and why 2017 could see pricier COEs

5 Reasons Choosing A Car Is Like Finding A Husband

It might sound weird, but choosing a car is just like selecting the right man to settle down with in the long term  


Toyota Corolla Altis : The Ultimate Christmas Gift

5 reasons why the world’s most popular car is a gift that keeps on giving

opel astra sports tourer singapore price review

The 5 best cars for Grab or Uber drivers

Driving to make a living, or just some spare cash? These are our top picks for the job. One costs only $28 a day to operate...

2 How do i begin

ME first: A power Points presentation

Toyota ME is a loyalty rewards programme that lets you take care of yourself while taking care of your car

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Toyota Evening Express: Joy in the evening

How one Toyota Camry driver discovered happiness in the most unlikely place to have a plate of briyani

4 Facts Behind Toyota’s Hybrid Dominance

Toyota is big on hybrids - but you`d never guess how much it took to get there


What happens when a hybrid newbie drives a Toyota Prius

A self-confessed motorhead who loves her curves discovers there`s more to a hybrid than meets her eye