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Hyundai Ioniq: The eco has landed

No car better encapsulates Hyundai`s eco car plans than the Ioniq. It`s going to be launched in Singapore this year

bmw motorrad days 2016

BMW Motorrad Days 2016: 9 things to do

Check out our newbie’s guide to BMW Motorrad Days, as our writer heads to the world`s biggest bimmer party

78,000 sq ft nobody can see – What’s it for?

Real car dealers have a “3S” business that allows you to rely on them for years. But what exactly does 3S mean, and what does it do for you?

Top Car Salesman Reveals Shocking Sales Secret

You’ll never guess how the top salesman for Singapore’s best-selling brand does it

toyota prius second generation

How does a Toyota Prius run after 320,000km?

One testing body tracked down a 320,000km Prius and put it through the wringer. The results surprised even them  

drive happy toyota singapore

Zen and the joy of deep job satisfaction

KT Chang has sold cars for nearly four decades, but why he does it might come as a huge surprise to you 

Under Cover Assignment

Special Feature: Mitsubishi`s Attrage sedan could be the perfect car for a hard-working creative 

genesis g90 singapore review

Genesis G90: Driving “Hyundai’s Lexus”

The Genesis G90 is Korea`s answer to the BMW 7 Series. Does it measure up to the best from Germany? 

toyota pretty

How These Ladies Make Singaporeans Smile

Is it possible to have a job that helps others feel happy? If you’re a Toyota Concierge, yes.

orange mclaren f1 singapore price

McLaren F1: 24 years young

Is McLaren`s F1 still the ultimate supercar? Download the press kit from its 1992 launch and decide

Cars in carpark

The secret journey of a brand new car

A new car isn’t ready to drive straight out of the factory. In fact, readying it for the road takes days of thorough preparation 

Car should come with

Every new car should come with these…

Are you missing out on these seven things that every new car ought to come with?


How to stop a runaway car

Three tips that could save your life if unintended sudden acceleration happens

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How a car warranty really works

Here are five myths about car warranties in Singapore, debunked 

7 Q

5 Questions Any Singapore Car Salesman Should Answer

A few simple test questions that can help put you on the road to car-owning bliss  

How to COE

How do COEs really work?

When is the best time to buy a car, given what COE market is doing? And are car dealers really reckless when it comes to COE bids? Answers to these, and more!

drive happy with toyota

Can you really afford a car in Singapore?

Buying a car is just the first step of your ownership journey. Here’s a breakdown of what else to budget for after


Singapore car loans: Here’s what you need to know

Buying a car in Singapore usually requires financing, but the process of getting a car loan doesn’t have to be an intimidating one