drive happy with toyota

Can you really afford a car in Singapore?

Buying a car is just the first step of your ownership journey. Here’s a breakdown of what else to budget for after


Singapore car loans: Here’s what you need to know

Buying a car in Singapore usually requires financing, but the process of getting a car loan doesn’t have to be an intimidating one

new vs used

Should you buy a used car in Singapore?

Second-hand, used, pre-owned... whatever you call it, it`ll be cheaper than a new car, right? That’s not the whole picture, though. Here`s some first-hand advice on how to avoid second-hand pain!  

jaguar f type svr singapore price

Michelle Rodriguez has driven faster than you

Have you cracked the magic 300km/h? If not, prepare to have your manhood challenged...

drivehappy with toyota

8 acronyms every Singapore car buyer needs to know

It’s one thing to mind your Ps and Qs, but what on earth is a PQP? Don’t fret if you have no idea. Here’s a handy guide to the terms that a car buyer will encounter in acronym-mad Singapore

Are Sedans Irrelevant?

Does the crossover craze mean four-door cars are finished?

New Cars 2016: Maserati

Fiat Chrysler begins production of the Levante, Maserati`s first luxury SUV, slated for Singapore later this year 

Opinion: Satellite Of Love…Or Hate?

  An always-on, always watching ERP system has many potential pitfalls

New Cars 2016: Lexus

Lexus turbocharges its old `250` models, and unleashes the GS F, a performance-tuned variant of the executive sedan   

New Cars 2016: Land Rover / Range Rover

Land Rover/Range Rover`s second soft-top SUV is a fashionable baby crossover with 240hp

Opinion: Cross Island, Cross Eyed

The Cross Island MRT shows just how crossed-up conservation priorities are in Singapore  

New Cars 2016: Lamborghini

  Lambo`s smallest baby the LP580-2 gets the rear-wheel drive treatment, while the LP610-4 Spyder goes topless in 2016  

New Cars 2016: Kia

A diesel-powered Carens, a boldy styled Sportage and a more refined Optima to be added to Kia`s local pricelist in 2016  

New Cars 2016: Jeep

American SUV-maker Jeep`s all-new Renegade readies itself to enter the Singapore car market this year  

New Cars 2016: Infiniti

Infiniti to release its first premium compact crossover the Q30, a refreshed twin-turbo Q50 sedan, and the huge QX80 this year  

how to escape sinking car

Video: How to escape a sinking car

Don`t become a victim. Here`s some advice we hope you NEVER need...

New Cars 2016: Hyundai

Hyundai looks to boost Elantra sales with a redesigned interior and revised front chrome grille  

New Cars 2016: Honda

Honda to release the new turbocharged Civic, six-seater MPV Jade RS and a very expensive hybrid AWD Legend in Singapore