Legal Mods 101: Performance

How to legally improve your car in Singapore so it delivers more smiles per mile

Hail Outlander!

  Special Feature: A modern Singaporean family discovers the charms of going `outland` with Mitsubishi`s Outlander SUV

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The Hiro of the Singapore Bike Show 2016

Japanese stunt rider Hiroyuki Ogawa is back to wow crowds at the Singapore Bike Show 2016

A VW For Every Occasion

Special Feature: Five affordable cars with panache, practicality and tech you`d be proud to parade at any event 

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How to buy a car with a 90% loan… legally

A new hire purchase scheme could turn your car into an income-generating asset, with 90% loans payable over 10 years

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Three cars Joseph Schooling should drive

Sponsors, are you reading? These three cars were made for Singapore’s first Olympic gold medallist

Legal Mods 101: Appearance

Find out how to beautify your car, be totally road legal and even possibly add value to it


Why Authorised Dealer service is the best kind

It may not be obvious, but the benefits of servicing your car with the professionals are many and deep

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Can she transform herself in two weeks?

Jennelle Lee is on a lifelong journey that starts with a fascinating quest for knowledge...

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Three things we learnt at the Porsche World Road Show 2016 Malaysia

After driving a dozen different Porsches in a day, you tend to learn a thing or two

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Porsche World Road Show 2016 Malaysia: How to choose your next Porsche

A highly-subsidised Porsche buffet is helping potential customers choose their next car

A Day In The Life Of A Car Salesperson

Being on the front-line of a major car dealership is all about heart - find out why

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The hidden software that makes a car dealership run

The hardware of an authorised distributor is important, but it takes the right “software” to create a personal touch 

AE exterior

Hyundai Ioniq: The eco has landed

No car better encapsulates Hyundai`s eco car plans than the Ioniq. It`s going to be launched in Singapore this year

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BMW Motorrad Days 2016: 9 things to do

Check out our newbie’s guide to BMW Motorrad Days, as our writer heads to the world`s biggest bimmer party

78,000 sq ft nobody can see – What’s it for?

Real car dealers have a “3S” business that allows you to rely on them for years. But what exactly does 3S mean, and what does it do for you?

Top Car Salesman Reveals Shocking Sales Secret

You’ll never guess how the top salesman for Singapore’s best-selling brand does it

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How does a Toyota Prius run after 320,000km?

One testing body tracked down a 320,000km Prius and put it through the wringer. The results surprised even them