The 6th Great Hyundai Fuel Economy Challenge 2015 Kuantan

Held by Komoco Motors, the Hyundai Fuel Economy Challenge pits drivers against one another to see who can cover the most with the least  

mx 5 triumph spitfire singapore

Video: Roadster revival

The owner of a lovely 1965 Triumph Spitfire has a go in the new Mazda MX-5. Find out what he thinks

SAM 0766

10 reasons why automatic cars are all wrong

Automatic cars are lame. Everyone knows that. If you didn’t, here’s why driving a manual marks you out as a king among men

annabelle kanzow coffinet bmw

She decides how your BMW smells

BMW has only one fragrance designer on its staff. And she has the power to alter your mood

start stop button

Pressing this button could cost you $100 a year

This button deactivates a fuel-saving device, so using it all the time will cost you  

bmw m1 m5 singapore

The surprising origins of BMW M

Would BMW`s brilliant M cars have come about if not for a key man lured from Ford 43 years ago?

the karting arena singapore

Video: The Karting Arena review

We take a spin at The Karting Arena to see if motor drive beats petrol power when it comes to karts

cna cruise contro tim eu imm

Video: How to beat the haze

It`s smoky out there but you don`t have to get choky. Here`s what you need to know about beating the haze  

botak jones

The truth about helmets and your hair

Worried about your helmet causing baldness? Here`s everything you need to know about hair fall, hair care, and hair regeneration.

cna cruise contro tim eu imm

Video: Testing Volvo’s self-driving tech

One of CarBuyer`s resident gargoyles lets the Volvo XC90 test drive itself... in the hands of a guest reviewer from 93.8 Live

mazda kodo design singapore

How Mazda is designing its destiny

The inside story of how Kodo design helps Mazda make slender cars... and fat profits 

mercedes amg gt s singapore

Video: On track with Mercedes-AMG

Hooning about with Channel NewsAsia at the KF1 Circuit in the gorgeous GT S and its four-door sibling...

cna cruisecontrol gearboxes

Video: Two simple ways to save money on tyres

  What dirty secrets are your car`s tyres whispering about you?

Video: The first Singapore GP

Comb your hair in a pompadour and travel back to the 1960s with us, as Cruise Control looks at the first Singapore Grand Prix at Thomson  

Video: Why nobody waxes any more

Keeping your car shiny used to mean hours of applying wax... and rubbing it off. Well, not any more  

vw touareg johor

Four makan places to hit in Johor

The Ringgit is low, our appetites are high and only the open road stands between us and culinary Nirvana. Good thing we have the keys to the new Touareg.

jari-matti-flying - Copy

Inside the best rallying team in the world

CarBuyer takes you behind the scenes with Team Volkswagen Motorsport, the most successful outfit in the gruelling World Rally Championship


The strange, unlikely origins of the BMW 3 Series Touring

How one man single-handedly gave birth to a whole new kind of car, and a smash hit for BMW