Suzuki slashes interest rate, opens e-showroom

The new Suzuki e-showroom means browsing and buying the brand’s cars have moved online, with a promo interest rate to sweeten the process

SINGAPORE — Facelifts aren’t just for cars. Champion Motors has just given the Suzuki website in Singapore new features designed for the current social distancing era.

The Suzuki importer is the latest in car businesses here to put its showroom online. Click on a new E-Showroom tab and you can take a virtual tour of the space and digitally kick the tyres on the brand’s cars here, the Jimny, Vitara and Swift.

If you feel like pulling the trigger on a new Suzuki, you’ll be able to put a S$500 deposit down to bag one. A sales rep will contact you to seal the deal, and it’s refundable in case your wife changes your mind. 

Champion says it also added an online finance calculator so you can do your sums while you’re on the Suzuki site. It’s called a Payment Estimator and either lets you know how much to pay every month for your target Suzuki or what model you’ll be able to afford on a given budget.  .

To go with the new finance calculator there’s a new promo interest rate of 1.88 percent. That’s down from a range of 2.68 to 2.88 percent that Champion used to offer for Suzuki cars here. Roughly speaking, that means saving up to S$700 in interest for every S$10,000 borrowed over seven years.

The Suzuki e-showroom follows Borneo Motors’ move to launch the Lexus E-Boutique a fortnight ago, using the same tech provider, Matterport. Both Borneo and Champion are owned by Inchcape, a car retail giant that operates in 32 countries. It also runs the Toyota business here, which means yet another e-showroom is likely coming to a screen near you.

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