Come Drive With Me, Let’s Drive, Let’s Drive Away

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1,000km from Singapore to Kuantan on Mazda’s June holiday driveaway. Plus, baby turtles!

What: Mazda Driveaway 2017, an annual holiday driving adventure for its many devoted customers.

Where: 1,000km from Singapore to Club Med Cherating Beach (north of Kuantan) and back, via Kluang and Tangkak.

Who: 168 Participants, including customers, organisers, Mazda staff and technicians

How: 59 Mazda models that ran the gamut from the humble 2, to the luxurious 6, to the spacious Biante, and everything in between

IMG 7322
All participants looking wide-eyed and bushy-tailed despite the 5am start time.

IMG 7323
Err, not the kind of donut you’d normally associate with cars…

IMG 7378
The Driveaway coincided with the birthdays of some of the participants. Naturally, there was cake involved.

IMG 7393

Another day in paradise.

IMG 7441
We found a fantastic spot along Berserah Beach where, if the tide is out, you can drive right onto the sands.

IMG 7462
Although this looks like cruel and unusualy torture, it was Club Med, where there was no shortage of activities, from a gymnastics class for kids…

IMG 7469
… To pool activities…
IMG 7526 edited

… To trapeze lessons…

IMG 7576
… To yoga classes, and many more

IMG 7499
Naturally, the huge swathes of pristine sands are one of the key attractions of Club Med Cherating Beach.

IMG 7634
Another major highlight of the trip was a visit to Cherating Turtle Sanctuary, where everyone had the opportunity to release baby turtles into the sea. 

IMG 7649
WELL AREN’T YOU THE CUTEST LITTLE FELLA. Our little friend here stalled on the start line for a while, but eventually skittered into the water after some prodding from us.

IMG 7663
Everyone assembles for a group photo before chiong-ing back to Singapore to beat the Sunday evening traffic jams.

IMG 7696
Reaching the 2nd Link just in time to catch the sunset.

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