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CarBuyer.com.sg is the online version of the magazine, CarBuyer Singapore.
One of the longest-running automotive publications here, CarBuyer has been in print since 1997, and is published by Big Fish Publishing Pte Ltd.

Our Editorial Policy:

CarBuyer.com.sg aims to bring Singaporean readers/carbuyers simple, timely, relevant and authoritative information, news, reviews, and more about automobiles and the Singapore car industry.

We believe content should be easily accessible and easy to read, which is why our website reflects this clear and simple approach, and we avoid intrusive advertisements, pop-ups and autoplay videos. If you enjoy our website and content with an adblocker, please consider adding us to your unblock list so that we can continue to produce more of it.

Section Guide

News – All the latest happenings and car news relevant to Singapore.

Test Drives – Authoritative reviews of cars in Singapore, as well as first impressions test drives from overseas events.

Features – Long-form stories about any topic, ranging from scenic drives to technical close-ups and more.

Bikes – CarBuyer has always had its bound-in motorcycle section, MotoBuyer, since the beginning, and this is the online version.

Sponsored Posts – Content that advertisers and partners have paid to place in CarBuyer for increased coverage and promotion.

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