Crowd-funded dongle adds wireless Android Auto to your car for S$75

Android Auto over WiFi is still rare in new cars in Singapore, this USB device aims to overcome that hurdle now

Android Auto is now much easier to find in new cars, but wireless Android Auto is still a rarity. As far as we know, there aren’t any new cars that can connect to Android Auto over WiFi just yet – but here’s a device coming that can help with that.

The AAWireless Protoytype dongle
The AAWireless Protoytype dongle

AAWireless is a project on Indiegogo that will make a USB dongle which plugs into the car’s USB port, instead of a wire, and enable you to have Android Auto tangle-free.

Currently the project is already fully-funded but you can pledge your support starting at S$75 for a single dongle, with forecasted delivery in February 2021. But be careful : The usual crowdfunding caveats apply: It’s not a preorder, you may not get a product in the end, or it may not work as promised.

Skip to 5:20 to find out the smartphone-related surprise in the Mitsubishi Attrage

Why is wireless in-car smartphone service important? Well, 2020 is the year smartphone connectivity in cars goes mainstream as it’s present in mainstream cars from brands such as Kia, Mazda, Hyundai, not to mention luxury brands like Audi, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz. Heck, even the bargain sedan the Mitsubishi Attrage has it.

But wireless Android Auto is rare. Even Apple’s CarPlay, which has pushed development quicker than Android, Apple only works over WiFi in certain Audi and BMW models, but nothing else. In fact, BMW’s don’t even have Android Auto just yet, though it’s scheduled for the end of this year.

As you might have guessed right now in order to use Android Auto you have to leave the phone plugged in via USB cable, which can be troublesome if you simply want to leave your phone in your bag or pocket.

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