Cycle & Carriage goes into leasing

Cycle & Carriage is the latest car dealership group to enter the leasing business, and will partner with ride sharing service GoJek to rent out cars to private hire drivers

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Automotive dealership group Cycle & Carriage Singapore has announced the establishment of its new leasing arm, which will provide vehicle leasing services for customers, ranging from short term daily rentals, to longer term leasing arrangements of up to three years.

The leasing business will be operated through Cycle & Carriage Leasing Pte Ltd, a fully-owned subsidiary of Jardine Cycle & Carriage Limited. Aside from providing leasing options to customers, Cycle & Carriage Leasing will offer to lease and manage vehicle fleets for corporate clients, including those in the ride sharing industry.

To that end, Cycle & Carriage Leasing has announced a partnership with one such ride sharing operator, GoJek. The arrangement will see Cycle & Carriage Leasing provide a range of vehicles to rent out to GoJek’s fleet of private hire drivers, with rental rates starting from $57 a day. Models to be offered include the Kia Cerato, Kia Stonic, Kia Niro Hybrid, and Mitsubishi Attrage.

For more info on rates and packages, check out the official website

Cycle & Carriage Leasing will also provide extensive backend support for customers who hire cars through them. For private hire drivers who lease vehicles through the company, they will have their very own ‘customer success officer’ that will provide end-to-end support from on-boarding, general enquiries and consultation, 24/7 roadside assistance, to personal reminders on vehicle servicing.

In addition, Cycle & Carriage will provide a dedicated service line solely for private hire drivers who lease through them, which will provide quicker turnarounds for car servicing.

Leasing programmes are also offered by numerous car brands in Singapore, such as BMW which recently announced its Flow service that allows for lease terms of as short as 18 months. However, Cycle & Carriage Leasing is the first such service from an official distributor that has a dedicated programme for private hire drivers.

According to a Cycle & Carriage Leasing spokesperson, “We believe we have a strong value proposition of competitive rates and quality service for private hire drivers, and being part of an established automotive group allows us to tap on to the Cycle & Carriage network of service centres. This allows us to provide end-to-end support and offer a quicker turnaround for servicing which will enable drivers to get back on the roads faster.”

Cycle & Carriage Singapore’s managing director Eric Chan said, “Cycle & Carriage Singapore leads the industry with our knowledge and commitment to deliver the best solutions for customers and businesses. Our deep automotive knowledge and extensive network well positions Cycle & Carriage Singapore to be ready for the fast-expanding mobility market and remain competitive by serving our customers’ needs”.

He adds, “Car leasing is the latest development and business expansion for Cycle & Carriage Singapore. This reflect our drive to stay ahead and be competitive in the automotive industry by responding dynamically to changing market demands.”

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