Das Welt Auto Singapore has a new home on Leng Kee

Volkswagen Singapore’s pre-owned business moves next to the main VW showroom, and will sell pre-owned Skodas as well


Volkswagen Group Singapore’s pre-owned car business, Das Welt Auto (DWA), has moved to a new showroom at Leng Kee AutoPoint. 

The new premises are located on 24 Leng Kee Road, which is particularly handy since it’s right next to the Volkswagen Centre and Skoda Centre, at 26 Leng Kee. Volkswagen Singapore is dealer/distributor for Volkswagen and VW Group-owned Czech brand, Skoda. 

It’s not just good for customers who are looking for a pre-owned bargain since the new showroom is able to display 50 percent more cars than before, but also for customers who want to buy a new car and need to trade-in their existing one.

VW Singapore says it’s also better for the business as “this arrangement consolidates the group brands and allows Das WeltAuto to work closely with the various departments to offer highly competitive trade-in deals and full-fledged Aftersales support to its customers.”

DWA claims the usual benefits of buying ‘official pre-owned’ including a 115-point inspection and original part replacements, as well as after-sales support and a 12-month warranty. For an idea of the usual pluses you get with official pre-owned cars, you can read our coverage of Mercedes-Benz’s official pre-owned programme, as well as Borneo Motors’ programme for Toyota. 

Skoda returned to Singapore in 2018 under VW Group Singapore, as reported by CarBuyer.com.sg, and sold 786 cars in the period January-November 2019. From July-Nov 2019, it sold 360 cars, outpacing Renault, Opel, Citroen, Seat, and coming close to Volvo, which sold 318 cars. 

With the successful re-establishing of the Skoda brand here, Volkswagen Singapore has also announced that moving forward, DWA will be offering pre-owned Skoda vehicles.

First opened in 2014, DWA was originally located at the Orchard Credit building at Chang Charn Road, a short distance from the VW showroom, but was then moved to VW Singapore’s secondary facility at MacPherson. Visit its website for more information. 

Leng Kee Autopoint is one of the newest buildings on the Leng Kee-Alexandra automotive belt, situated between Volkswagen Singapore on 26 Leng Kee Road and Cycle and Carriage at 20 Leng Kee Road, the multi-storey building already houses the showrooms of Alfa Romeo, Lamborghini, and parallel importer VinCar.

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