Ducati’s mega Monster strikes

The 145bhp 1200S hits town to top off the iconic Monster range

 SINGAPORE – Local Ducati importer Minerva Motor is launching the 1200S version of the iconic Monster tonight at Zouk, with the bike going for $38,900 on the road.

That makes it the most expensive Monster model, with the 1200S costing $5,000 more than the Monster 1200. The extra outlay buys more power and higher-spec suspension.

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The 1200S gets a 145bhp version of the 11-degree Testastretta L-twin engine, versus 135bhp for the regular 1200.

It also has Ohlins suspension all-round, with 42mm upside-down forks for the front-end (adjustable for preload as well as compression and rebound damping) and a fully-adjustable piggyback shock for the rear. The 1200S also gets beefier brakes, straight from the 1199 Panigale.


Both the 1200 and 1200S are offered in red and easily identified by their red frames with black wheels, but the latter has wheels with a lightweight three-spoke design and can be ordered with a white tank/bronze frame/black wheel colour scheme.

One quick identifier for the 1200S model: a carbon fibre front fender.

The launch of the 1200S caps off a good month for naked bikes in Singapore, with BMW having released the retro R nineT and the powerful S 1000 R last week here.

Meanwhile, more than 200 people are expected to show up for their first glimpse of the 1200S and 1200 at Zouk tonight.

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