Everyone’s Going Electric

Several carmakers have announced plans to have a fully electrified range in the next few years. We round up the who, what and when of the electric era ahead


Over the next decade, several carmakers have committed to having a fully-electrified model line-up. It’s the clearest sign yet of how seriously electrification is taking hold of the industry, and aligns with impending legislation from several countries that intend to outlaw internal combustion engine (ICE) cars over the next few years. 

We take a quick summary of which brands are going full electric by when, and what you can expect from them.


When: 2025

Jaguar has set itself a five year timetable to go fully electric, in a bold plan to reinvent itself and move upmarket. The blueprints include a streamlining of its model line-up, with the company having scrapped plans to launch a new flagship XJ replacement. The brand is developing its new bespoke EV platform to underpin its new models, and they are likely to follow in the mould of the sole Jaguar EV on sale right now, the I-Pace.


When: 2030

Bentley’s plans to go all-electric will come as a surprise to many, given that it doesn’t currently have an EV model in its line-up. Regardless, the company has committed to its electric future, and phase out its ICE cars by 2030. Next year will see the introduction of plug-in hybrid versions of the Continental GT and Flying Spur, while by 2026, Bentley’s entire line-up will consist of either hybrid or electric models only.


When: 2030 (Europe only)

Ford is ramping up plans to electrify its line-up, and has committed to sell only electrified models in Europe by 2030. The Mustang Mach-E performance crossover has already gone on sale, and Ford will introduce a new, European-built EV that sits on Volkswagen’s MEB electric car architecture, as part of a platform sharing agreement between the two companies. Outside of Europe, Ford will also develop electric drivetrains for some of its existing nameplates, with an electric version of the company’s best-selling F-150 pickup truck already in the pipeline for the US market.


electric Mini Cooper

When: 2030

Mini currently only has one electric car, the Mini Cooper SE, but BMW’s youth-oriented brand has ambitious plans to fully-electrify their range by 2030. In the works is a new electric crossover that could replace the current Countryman, while Mini has also joined up with Chinese manufacturer Great Wall Motors to develop new electrified models to tackle the world’s largest EV market, China.


When: 2030

Volvo are making bold moves to have a fully-electrified line-up by 2030, and it has just launched its first two full EVs, the XC40 EV and C40 EV. It currently also has plug-in hybrid versions of almost every model in its range, and it won’t be a far leap to imagine Volvo transitioning those to electric versions during the next model change. The brand also has Polestar in its portfolio, which already has electrified models on sale, and will account for the performance premium end of the market. 


When: 2035

Probably of slightly less relevance here, given that GM has a limited presence in this region, but the makers of Cadillac and Chevrolet has also committed to having a fully-electrified line-up by 2035. Its plans will mainly cater to the American market, and will span a variety of models spread across its various brands, ranging from small hatchbacks (Chevrolet Bolt EV) to gargantuan off-roaders (Hummer EV), and everything else in between.

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