Getting back on the road safely after circuit breaker

CarBuyer and special guest Claire Jedrek tell you how to get back to motoring safely in Singapore with two short and simple videos

With Phase 2 well underway, you may have noticed that your driving skills aren’t quite as good as they once were. The evidence certainly is there – on June 19, 2020 when Phase 2 kicked off, there was an uptick in accidents here in Singapore.

But if you need to get back on the road again, how do you ‘hack’ your mind to do it safely and smoothly, and what about your car? teamed up with racing driver and fitness freak Claire Jedrek to tell you exactly that, in our two-part video series below which gives you a quick and easy primer of less than 10 minutes, on getting you and your car back to roadworthiness.

Part 1: The Three As of Driving Safe

Part 2: The Five Fs of Car Checks

The videos above were presented to you by Skoda Singapore.

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