GS Trophy 2016 Day One: Slow start for Team SEA

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A shaky start sees the Southeast Asia team end the first day of the GS Trophy in joint last position, but team members stay determined

CHIANG DAO, THAILAND — The BMW GS Trophy got underway today with a full day’s riding for all 19 teams. The “Olympics of motorcycles”, as the event is sometimes called, including two Special Stages for competitors, which saw Team Southeast Asia place 3rd and 4th from the bottom.

The Broken Bridge challenge required the team members, made up of Faizal Sukree from Malaysia, Tommy Lee from Singapore and Peerapat Woratham from Thailand, to heave two BMW R 1200 GS motorcycles across a collapsed concrete bridge in the Thai countryside. 

Their atempt went relatively smoothly until one of the bikes nosedived off the broken bridge and ended up in the wrong direction.

The challenge was won by Team Germany, who picked up 20 points for their effort. Team SEA collected four points.

The second challenge was a Slow Race — competitors had to ride as slowly as possible on a stretch of muddy ground, without putting a foot down. The slowest time won the event.

Team SEA scored five points, while South Africa won 20 points for finishing first. That is, last according to the stopwatch.

The results place the home team joint last with Team Austria-Switzerland, but team members were philosophical about their placings.

“We didn’t expect this, but this is a competition,” said Faizal Sukree. “We made some mistakes and we’ll try to catch up.”

“It’s not over till the fat lady sings. We just have to work together, and build up our team morale and spirit,” said Tommy Lee. “I believe we can do it.”

“Tomorrow will be better than today,” said Peerapat Woratham.

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