Hyundai Kona Hybrid starts at S$109k with COE [updated]

Hyundai launches the hybrid-electric version of its small SUV the Kona in Singapore with two variants starting from S$108,999 with COE


If you’ve been looking for an officially-imported (ie non PI) small sport utility vehicle (SUV), your choices have just been doubled.

The Hyundai Kona Hybrid is now on sale in Singapore with a starting price of S$108,999 with COE for the base model, and S$117,999 with COE for the higher-spec S/R variant. 

[Update: This was initially reported on Hyundai’s official website as S$118,999 with COE and S$127,999 with COE, but those prices listed were without the VES rebate of S$10k]

The cars shown here are the European version and may differ slightly from the actual Singapore-spec cars

With the pricing, the hybrid tech onboard and plenty of interior features, the Kona Hybrid looks like it’s aimed at savvy individuals who want to tree-hug with style and convenience, and don’t mind spending a little more. 

The familiar Hyundai-Kia hybrid drivetrain is similar to the one found in the Ioniq Hybrid and Kia Niro Hybrid, with its heart being a ‘Kappa’ 1,580cc inline four running on an Atkinson Cycle, and making 105hp. The electric motor is a 43.5hp unit with 170Nm of torque, powered by a 1.56kWh lithium ion battery pack. 

Peak system output is 130hp and 265Nm of torque, which is slightly less than the European Kona Hybrid’s 141hp, likely to gain eligibility for a Category A COE here in Singapore. Hyundai hasn’t confirmed local performance figures, but we expect a 0-100km/h time of 12.0 seconds and top speed of 160km/h. 

Official fuel consumption figures are 3.9L/100km for the base model, and 4.3L/100km for the S/R model (likely due to the larger 18-inch wheels). Both cars have a VES band of A2, a S$10,000 rebate. 

With the battery residing under the rear seats, boot space is unchanged from the gasoline Kona, at 361-litres, expandable to 1,143-litres. 

10.25-inch touchscreen on European spec Kona, Singapore’s Konas will have a 7.0-inchers

Like most Hyundais, the Kona packs a lot of equipment. The base model has the 7.0-inch touchscreen infotainment system (with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto), a 3.5-inch active display within a dual-binnacle instrument setup for the driver, 16-inch wheels, keyless entry and start, auto aircon, and six airbags.

It also has an impressive load out of safety and assist systems: blind spot monitoring, rear cross traffic alert, lane keeping assist, plus driver attention monitoring, and forward collision warning/avoidance. 

The S/R model adds 18-inch wheels, a wireless smartphone charger, 4.2-inch instrument display, a black and chrome grille, sunroof, adaptive cruise control and lane-following, a heads-up display, ventilated front seats with electric adjustability, plus leather on the steering wheel and shifter knob.  

Want to test drive the Kona Hybrid without going down to the showroom? Like Lexus and Kia, Hyundai is now offering to bring the car to you with a Concierge drive service.

But what’s this about choices being doubled, though?

With the Kona joining the fray, there are now two small SUVs here with hybrid power – again not counting the wild menagerie of parallel-imports- with the other car being the Kona’s arch rival, the Kia Niro Hybrid. 


The Niro makes it a tough fight with the Kona – not only is it larger inside, it’s also cheaper, at least at the last reported prices – it starts at S$106,999 with COE for the base EX model, and the higher-grade SX model is S$116,999 with COE. 

The Kona first arrived in Singapore in 2018, when it was offered with a choice of 1.4-litre turbo with dual-clutch gearbox, and 1.0-litre turbo manual, although both of those gasoline choices have since disappeared from Hyundai’s local pricelists, leaving the Kona Electric as the sole Kona until the Hybrid’s debut.

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