Infiniti goes ProACTIVE with the QX50

Infiniti bolsters its QX50 lineup in Singapore a new Sensory with ProACTIVE variant, which adds key driver assistance features like adaptive cruise control and forward emergency braking


Infiniti has introduced a new variant to its QX50 lineup, with the Sensory with ProACTIVE version adding a whole host of driver assistance features to Infiniti’s BMW X3 fighter.

For an extra $10,000 over the top-line QX50 Sensory trim, the Sensory with ProACTIVE model throws in key driver assistance features such as reverse collision warning and intervention:

Adaptive cruise control:

Forward collision warning with emergency braking:

and other features like blind spot assist and cross traffic alert:

You also get a head-up display:

And the choice of this Dynamic Sunstone Red paintwork, which is exclusive to the Sensory with ProACTIVE model:

Everything else remains identical to the QX50 Sensory variant, which we’ve already tested earlier on The Infiniti QX50 Sensory with ProACTIVE retails for $226,800, inclusive of COE.

READ MORE: We’ve driven the non-ProACTIVE Infiniti QX50 Sensory (below), which features some very interesting engineering magic under its skin. 

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