Inside the secret world of Porsche’s ‘Unseen’ Concepts

Porsche recently revealed a secret stash of some of its never-before-seen concept cars. We take a look at some highlights


Have you ever wondered what car designers do in their free time? Well, if you were Michael Mauer, you simply design more cars.

Mauer has been Porsche’s chief designer since 2004, and he is responsible for most of the current Porsche line-up, including the Panamera, Macan, and 918 Spyder. But for every production Porsche you see on the road, there’s a dozen more design concepts that don’t see the light of day, and the company has recently pulled the wraps off some of these ‘unseen’ concepts to showcase the vision behind Porsche’s design team.

“We do about 10 to 15 concepts at the Porsche Design Studio every year,” says Mauer, who explains, “We want to give our design team free reign to be creative, to imagine what could be possible 20 or 30 years from now, and then jump back to the present to envision what can be realised tomorrow.”

Some of these concepts hark back to Porsche’s storied heritage, such as the Vision Spyder concept, which is a modern day interpretation of the iconic 550 Spyder. Others are a demonstration of Porsche’s strong sporting and motorsport links, such as the 919 Street, essentially a Le Mans racer for the road. And then there are those that truly breaks the mould of what is expected of a Porsche, like the Vision “Race Service” van concept.

Every design concept that emerges from the design team in Weissach represents an idea, of what is possible, even if they never get the green light for further development. Here are some of the highlights from Porsche’s secret vault of ‘Unseen’ concepts.

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