Kia Seltos now starts from S$104k with COE with new EX model

New EX and SX variants enter Singapore, bring Kia’s small SUV price down significantly from the debut GT Line model 

Here’s something that will boost sales of Kia’s newest SUV: A new variant priced below S$110k with COE. 

The Kia Seltos was first revealed here in March, and officially unveiled by Kia this month at its FB Live event. We drove it in debut Seltos 1.4 GT Line trim and pronounced it impressive and competent, but also a little bit expensive for a mainstream Korean SUV, at (then) S$117,999 with COE.

The range-topping GT Line model was the only offering up until now, with the lesser EX and SX variants recently homologated.

In Kia’s latest price update, with slight rises to the COE, the GT Line now costs S$120,999 with COE, the SX at S$112,999 with COE, and the EX at S$103,999 with COE. 

Impressively, the SX model doesn’t lack all that much kit compared to its GT Line sibling. 

It looks almost the same, aside from lacking the more aggressive red-lined bash plate on the lower front end, the GT Line specific wheels (both have 17-inch rollers). Both cars also have full LED headlights and foglamps. 

The EX model, not pictured here, has a dark trim instead of chrome outlining the grille, with halogen headlights and foglamps. 

Inside, the SX line model has unique diamond-motif seats and a D-shaped steering wheel and regular pedals – compare that to the D-shaped steering-wheel with red contrast stitching and aluminium pedals from the GT Line model. 

However most of the amenities are still present: Keyless entry and start, sunroof, air con seats, digital dash display, HUD. The SX even has the mood lighting function from the GT Line, though it lacks the retractable sunshades on the rear passenger windows.

UPDATE: We’ve had a look at the EX spec and can confirm that it loses the sunroof, automatic air-con, air-con seats, wireless smartphone charger, and head-up display. It also has a smaller instrument display panel, at 3.5-inches versus the 7.0-inch unit on the SX and GT Line, and smaller 16-inch wheels.

But all variants have the drive mode knob located next to the gearshifter, six airbags, a reverse camera with PDC,

We’re awaiting final confirmation of the EX spec, but looking at the rest of the Kia line-up, we expect it to lack the sunroof, air con seats and wireless smartphone charger.

Eagle-eyed readers might notice that the infotainment screen is larger: The SX marks the debut of the larger 10.25-inch infotainment system.

Previously, the GT Line model debuted with an 8.0-inch screen, and from here on, all GT Line models will be updated with the larger screen as well. The EX model makes do with the 8.0-inch unit. Functionally, both units are the same, though obviously the 10.25-inch unit is easier to use and to view.

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