Kia Singapore’s online flash sale offers S$16k off the Cerato [updated]

Kia Singapore sees discounts of up to S$16,000 at its warehouse sale that’s online only and kicks off on April 18, 2020

Updated April 18

SINGAPORE – Kia Singapore’s online flash sale could turn buying cars online from an iffy-maybe to an actual thing.

Like other brands, Kia has had to open up an avenues for online car sales without needing any face-to-face with sales consultants, but it’s added a major incentive to do so now with its Online Warehouse Sale.

The forthcoming sale, which is Kia’s first flash sale of its kind here, boasts deep discounts on Kia sedans – meaning the Kia Cerato, and the Kia Stinger (though the latter is technically a fastback). Kia Singapore says the sale is for ‘limited units at astonishing prices’, and wouldn’t say exactly how much discounts buyers can expect.

We wouldn’t be surprised to see S$10,000 off list price or more, since even regular walk-in buyers can negotiate a little.

The price discrepancy is because we used Kia’s actual price list numbers

UPDATE April 18: We signed up for the sale to see if the discounts were worth the while, and it seems there are. By the time we peeked at the list on April 18, 0100h, there were Cerato EX and L models on sale, but sadly we saw no Stinger nor Cerato GT Line units on sale.

One unit of the Kia Stinger was pre-sold via early access (see details below) for approximately S$140,000 with COE, which puts it S$20,000 below list price. The early access cars included demo cars and new cars, while the ‘main’ warehouse sale cars are all new units.

From what we see, there are strong bargains to be had, so the warehouse/flash sale isn’t just an online flash in the pan to gain attention.

The least expensive mid-range Cerato EX was on sale for S$69,999 with COE, that’s S$16,000 less than the list price of S$85,999 with COE , while the cheapest available unit of the entry-level L model was S$64,999 with COE, also S$16,000 under list price.

In normal circumstances we recommend the range-topping Cerato GT Line since it offers the best equipment loadout for the price, but the EX at this price level is a pretty solid deal. The L is for those who simply want the least expensive Kia Cerato of them all, though you’ll miss out on nicer features like air-con seats.

Video walkthrough: Find out what the top-of-the-line Cerato, the GT Line, packs over the normal model with our video


The flash sale begins April 18, 2020 at 0000h (midnight tonight) and ends on April 19, 2359h, and you can make a downpayment on a car remotely via credit card. Keen bargain hunters can pre-register for early access to the sale at this URL.

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While we expect to most car sales to still be carried out the conventional way when things resume, because of the threat of COVID virtual sales outlets have become a bigger thing this year.

Toyota has an online ‘Contactless Purchase’ scheme, while Hyundai has Click&Drive an online purchasing portal for its cars. Mazda Singapore offers phone and Whatsapp contacts of its sales team online too.

Last year, BMW launched its new 1 Series hatchback with a flash promotion on online shopping portal, while getting loans has become an almost instant process too.

Still don’t trust the Web for this sort of transaction? If you haven’t made up your mind, we advise that you shouldn’t buy a car without doing a test drive first.

Making that easier is the fact that Kia, Toyota, Lexus and Suzuki have all rolled out to-your-door concierge drive services in 2020 (although they’re currently suspended due to the lockdown, obviously).

If you have you hand poised on credit card but hate the Internet, there’s always the classic version of buying a car remotely: Simply call up a sales consultant and make a booking.

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