LA Auto Show 2019: VW’s double Vizzion

LOS ANGELES — It’s electric, it’s a station wagon and it’s headed for production. The ID Space Vizzion Concept is another soldier in VW’s electric fight, and will come out in three distinct versions in 2021, with one for China, Europe and North America. We’ll probably get what the Brits get.

In LA, the car was presented with an 82kWh battery pack, powering a 275hp rear motor. That should be good for 420km of range or so, with reported plans for two more battery sizes in 48kWh and 62kWh that will sacrifice range and performance for cost.

Wagons are immensely popular in Europe, so the Space Vizzion makes sense, but it also signals how committed VW is to its upcoming line of ID electric cars. The ID.3 that debuted in Frankfurt this September is the first production BEV offering that VW is building on its MEB platform, with the Golf-class car spearheading a range of models previewed by concepts in various shapes and sizes: ID Buzz, ID Crozz, ID Vizzion and ID Roomzz. Clearly, VW means business when it comes to BEVs. It’s enough to make you diZZy.


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