Lexus and Singapore Golf Association swing into action together

Borneo Motors’ Jasmmine Wong is on a mission to find the Joseph Schooling of golf within the next three years

SINGAPORE — Aspiring pro golfers in Singapore have a new benefactor. Borneo Motors signed an agreement today with the Singapore Golf Association that will see Lexus become an exclusive partner of the sport’s local governing body for three years.

Borneo, the sole distributor for Lexus here, will commit an undisclosed cash sum to the SGA expressly to foster promising golfing talent here and to promote the sport in general.

The company, which sponsored Olympic Gold medallist Joseph Schooling with the Toyota brand in 2018, identified at least two initiatives that it will “work closely” with the SGA on.

Borneo will support a training program for the SGA’s national, development and junior squads called the High Performance program in its efforts to give team members wider tournament exposure.

Lexus branding will also feature in the SGA’s Junior Development program, a feeder  for the High Performance program for golfers aged 6 to 11 years. “The sponsorship will actually enable Juniors like me to compete internationally,” Brayden Lee, a 13 year-old SGA Junior squad player, said at the signing event. “With that, we can test our game against the best junior golfers in the world.”

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Lexus and golfing are natural bedfellows. Two out of three Lexus customers in Singapore are avid golfers, according to Jasmmine Wong, the chief executive of Borneo (pictured top). She said getting customers’ children interested in the sport would be good for family bonding.

At the same time, the Lexus sponsorship is at least partially aimed at trying to develop a Joseph Schooling of golf here, she added. Borneo first identified that possibility when Singaporean golfers took gold and silver for individual and team tournaments at the 2019 SEA Games.

Today’s partnership agreement was two years in the making, but it came in the wake of another win for Lexus in the golfing world.

Hideki Matsuyama (above), a pro that Lexus sponsors, took a final-round victory at the 2021 Masters Tournament early this month at the Augusta National Golf Club in the United States, thereby becoming the first Japanese golfer to win the tournament. Toyota chairman Akio Toyoda declared himself  “overjoyed” by the victory.

Ms Wong alluded to the prospect of a similar outcome from the Lexus and SGA partnership. “Will we discover the next Matsuyama here in Singapore?” she asked.

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