McLaren F1: 24 years young

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24 years after its launch, is McLaren’s F1 still the ultimate supercar? Download the press kit from its 1992 launch and decide

IT WAS UNVEILED to the world on May 28th, 1992, and after all that time its ability to make us moist in the underpants has never gone away.

The basic premise of the F1 was to take McLaren’s F1 expertise and transfer it to the road as much as possible. The team had been on a hot streak, winning seven titles in eight years, and saw a road car as its “next logical challenge”.

It basically tore up the supercar rulebook and rethought the entire premise of a high-performance car from scratch, and the result provided some unforgettable details, like the centrally-mounted driver’s seat.

To celebrate the birthday of the McLaren F1, we have a gallery of high-res pics from the original press pack, as well as a download of the press kit from the car’s 1992 launch.

See what its creators said about their new baby at the time, and witness the sheer anal-retentive quality of the car’s creation. Marvel at details that sound anacrhonistic today. Example? “A current trend towards ever-larger wheel diameters has been resisted, 17-inch being judged best for weight, package and contact patch geometry,” reads the press kit.

Anyway, enjoy. On the 24th birthday of the supercar of the 2st century, the press pack is our present to you.


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