Mercedes GLA 200 review: Step right up

A ground-up revamp for the Mercedes GLA makes it much better equipped to navigate a tough SUV landscape

SINGAPORE — Congratulations! You’re thinking about buying your first Mercedes-Benz. You might as well look at the new GLA 200. It’s the latest member of Mercedes’ small car family (populated by such tykes as the A-Class, B-Class, CLA and so on), yet it’s big enough to be somewhat future proof. If you go from not needing rear seats at all to suddenly heaving a pram in and out of your car, the GLA is for you.

Cycle & Carriage has it in two flavours at the moment: the GLA 200 Progressive you see here, and or S$6,000 more, the GLA 200 AMG Line, which is the same car but with sporty cosmetic bits, like the Edition 1 version below.

The first GLA was a big hit for Mercedes (more than a million people bought them), but this one departs from its sporty crossover vibe and heads into more overtly rugged territory. That means it looks like a more traditional sport utility vehicle (SUV) now, and with the segment as hot as ever, would you bet against this becoming a big seller here?

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