Michelle Rodriguez has driven faster than you

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Have you cracked the magic 300km/h? If not, prepare to have your manhood challenged…

WE DON’T KNOW if Michelle Rodriquez is furious (or even mildly annoyed), but she’s fast. In fact there’s a good chance she’s faster than you.

Driving the new Jaguar F-Type SVR on a closed road in Nevada, the Fast and Furious actress saw 201mph on the clock. That’s 323.4km/h in our money, and it means she’s gone faster than anyone in the CarBuyer office, damnit.

Here she is looking all smug about it.

“All my corrections were minimal, I was super focused, and it really reacted in all the right ways,” she says of her jaunt in the Jag.

The F-Type SVR is the fastest car that Jaguar has ever built, and is the first product of the brand’s high-performance Special Vehicle Operations unit.

It’s got a 575 horsepower version of the F-Type R’s supercharged, 5.0-litre V8, and weighs a bit less. There’s a titanium exhaust, which means it must sound ballistic.

In Singapore they’re special order-only, but you can buy one if you have just over $600,000 to spend, which is our guess for what it’ll cost to put it on the road.

Probably not a good idea to try and replicate Michelle’s achievement yourself, though.

Here’s a vid of her vmax run:


“What’s the fastest you’ve ever driven?”

   michelle rodriguez jaguar F TYPE SVR

Unfazed by Michelle Rodriguez’s mighty 323km/h willy-wag, various members of the CarBuyer pull their own vmax  trousers down to reveal just how much catching up they have to do with her in that department.



“The fastest I’ve gone? 270km/h in a Panamera Turbo on the autobahn. My wife wasn’t too happy.” 



 “293km/h, Ferrari 599GTB Fiorano. I was going for 300 but the idiot journalist beside me shrieked like a girl and ruined my only chance.”



“Can’t remember. Should be 250km/h, I guess. BMW 535d. I’ve never driven anything really exotic on the autobhan. You smug bastards.” 

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