Mini Cooper Gets Lego-ified


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People who can’t get enough of cute, cool stuff ought to have their heads explode after reading this: Come August 2014, Lego will release a Creator series set that lets you build your very own classic Mini Cooper MKVII.

It’s not a Lego Technic model, but it certainly piles on the detail. The 1,077 piece set builds the classic compact car in (what else?) British Racing Green, and you can open the doors, bonnet and even flip back the seats. It even replicates the split folding tail-gate and comes with a spare tyre and picnic set.


More details at the link here. Currently Lego also has the DeLorean time machine from Back To The Future and the Ghostbuster’s Ecto-1 station wagon. You can watch a Lego designer video of the Mini Cooper here being presented by a guy with a British accent. The set, as listed on the Lego USA site, costs USD100, but it might cost a bit more here (we always pay more for Lego, unfortunately..).

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