MotoBuyer Gear Round Up – May 2014

Looking around for some new bike gear in June? MotoBuyer gives you a few hints from Germany and Italy?

SINGAPORE – We once heard motorcycling best described as an excuse for grown men to play dress up. Given the amount of riding gear we’ve accumulated (not to mention the number of bikes) over the years, we don’t disagree. But there’s always a good excuse to get new gear that’s shinier, fresher, and more high-tech than before, because good gear pays for itself many times over in medical bills, partially. At least, that’s what you can tell your wife. And if you’re a woman anyway, you don’t need an excuse to go shopping, plus any guy won’t complain if you drag him to a motorcycle store. Win-win. This month we introduce you to a number of different items from BMW Motorrad’s Ride gear range and Italian bike gear maker Dainese.

BMW Motorrad Rallye Suit

$1,376.79 (Jacket)

$1,105.61 (Trousers)

The quintessential two-piece enduro, round-the-world touring suit is built tough for long, hard days in the saddle. Vents keep you cool in our weather, there are zip-in liners for wet or cold weather, and your iPhone has a safe home in the waterproof pocket. It’s even got a water and windproof climate membrane insert that’ll keep you snug and dry, but not steamed, since it’s breathable. While it’s designed with off-road riding in mind (hence the name), it’s the sort of comfy, durable stuff you can wear literally anywhere.

BMW Motorrad Tourshell Suit

$1,022.15 (two-piece)

A sportier-looking set of kit for touring, the Tourshell suit has the holy trinity of weather-proofing: vents for hot air, a liner for waterproofing, and one for cold weather. Men’s sizes are in stock but you’ll have to order the ladies’ version. Not only does it have a thermal jacket that can be worn alone, it also comes with a neck warmer too – experienced riders know just how cold it can get at night, even in the tropics. And the vents even work while it’s raining. It’s also got protective armour in the back, shoulders, elbows, hips and knees, plus reflective prints for increased safety.

BMW Motorrad Start Suit

$1,043.02 (Jacket)

$813.55 (Trousers)

There are leathers, and then there’s this 100 percent Nappa leather suit (that’s the expensive stuff that optional even on a 7 Series, by the way). A men’s version is available, with hers to follow soon. The two-piece suit features 1.2mm-thick leather, perforated in sections, with Aramid stretch panels – Nappa leather is high-quality stuff, so that’s why it’s thinner than typical leather suits which are around 3mm in thickness and much heavier. The two-piece suit packs flat,double-stitched seams throughout for strength,safety and comfort and has integrated armour. Sliders optional.

BMW Motorrad Club Leather Jacket

$730.13 (Men)

$667.54 (Ladies)

Stuff that goes round the world through all weather is fine, but in the city it’s all about style. The Club jacket is just the thing. Made of supple leather and cut short in the waist for comfort, the Club jacket is just the thing for doing short trips in style. The men’s version has six pockets (four outer, two inner) while the ladies’ one has five. Obviously designed by someone who doesn’t understand women, then. A great match with a BMW R 1200 R or the upcoming R-NineT ‘retro’ cafe roadster.

Dainese Carbon Cover ST Gloves


Colour Shown: Nero/Giallo Fluoro/Bianco

These full-length gauntlet-style gloves are aimed at sport riders who want the most protection but don’t want to wear a ‘full’ track glove on the street. The Carbon Cover ST gloves are made primarily of cowhide, but also have goatskin palms and kevlar stitching for great strength and abrasion resistance. Carbon inserts on the knuckles and fingers give impact resistance too, while the little finger feature’s Dainese’s ‘Distortion Control’ and TPU inserts which help prevent injury in case of a crash.

Dainese Druids S-ST


Colour Shown:Nero/Rosso Lava/Bianco

These gloves are similar in concept to the Carbon’s show above, but while they are a short pair (i.e no gauntlet cuff) they’re actually higher-spec. It’s got much of the same features in terms of construction and protection, but doesn’t feature the TPU armour on the little finger, although it does have the Distortion Control. Above the Carbon, it has a little rubberised grip on the inside of the palm to help you grip the handlebars/throttle better, and a larger carbon protective piece on the outer hand.

Dainese Gua


Colour Shown: Nero/Bianco/Nero

A little more relaxed and with an eye on comfort, Dainese’s Mig gloves are aimed at city and urban riding, although you could use them almost anywhere. They feature a lot of ventilation with perforated fingers and palm sections and mesh on the outer fingers. Other nice touches include the polyurethane knuckle guards (with logo) and rubberised index and middle fingers for good lever grip.

Can’t wait to whip your wallet out? Head to:

BMW Motorrad Gear

Performance Motors Limited
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6319 0510


JR Pte Ltd
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Tel: 6293 6440

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