Audi A4 review 2020: It’s all connected

The new Audi A4 is more connected, more efficient and more athletic looking. But it has one surprising foe…

Meet the new Audi A4, by which we mean a facelifted A4. It’s a re-jigged version of the current B9 model from Ingolstadt-based carmaker.

As mid-life revamps go, however, this a comprehensive one, with notable revisions to the styling, cabin and powertrain. Then again, it’s understandable that Audi would try extra hard with this car — it’s an important car for the brand and always has been, being the global best-selling model, and one that’s found more than 10 million buyers.

Are the changes enough to keep the A4 fighting fit in a corner of the market where the competition is savage?

Design and Appearance

It can’t be fun to buy a new car and have no one notice. Thankfully, there’s a good chance that won’t happen with the Audi A4.

The things done to facelift the car are surprisingly extensive, and even involve new body panels that require new stamping moulds — an expensive way to do things.

Still, there are requisite new lamps front and rear, along with new bumpers. The one in front accommodates a wider grille and larger air scoops, which make the eye think that the A4 is wider than before. 

Same with the back, where there’s a chrome strip that links the taillamps, a nice feature borrowed from the bigger Audi saloons. Even the exhaust tips are now shaped to visually broaden the rear.

Amazingly, Audi didn’t stop at that, and gave the wheelarches parallel lines that make them look bulged, like a racing car’s. The doors have new sill covers, along with new creases that really encourage the eye to travel along the car’s side.

The Audi A4 was a handsome enough car before, but it’s noticeably more athletic now. 

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