New Cars 2016: Ford



What: Focus RS
When: TBA
How Much: Above $160,000 with COE

The new high-performance pocket rocket from Ford gains all-wheel drive (with the ability to go 100 percent torque on either front or rear) and 345bhp from its 2.3-litre turbo four engine (related to the Mustang’s). It looks and sounds the business too, as it’ll crack 0-100km/h in only 4.7 seconds and, more hilariously, there’s a ‘Drift’ mode that’ll have you channeling Ken Block. Dual mode dampers and selectable drive programmes are also expected on Ford’s blue mean machine.

What: Galaxy
When: TBA
How Much: Possibly around the $160k mark

Ford’s big, seven-seat MPV makes its return in 2016 with a third-gen iteration that gets the improved suspension as seen on the Ford Mondeo. There’s also stop-start and active aero shutters on the front too. There are two gasoline options, 1.6 and 2.0 turbo,  with 160bhp and 240bhp respectively. Practical minded buyers will enjoy the huge interior space and the fact that the seats can all be folded with a press of a button.

What: Grand C-Max
When: TBA
How Much: Around $140,000 with COE or less

The Grand C-Max is well, the C-Max small MPV from Ford with seven-seats. Like the Citroen Picasso, the ‘Grand’ denotes the presence of an extra third row, but then again, the C-Max has always been known as the erm, C-Max here anyway. It helps that this is the new version, based on the new Ford Focus, and likely powered by an identical 1.5-litre engine. If the old car was anything to go by, this is one of the few MPVs that’ll give dad some thrills behind the wheel at least.

What: Mustang
When: First half
How Much: Likely above $200,000 with COE

This car’s seen a lot of rabid internet interest ever since it was announced for Singapore in 2015, although somehow it didn’t make it in time for that year. Still, it’ll be here eventually and when it does it’ll likely pack a 2.3-litre turbo four (same as on the Focus RS) with 310bhp. It won’t be the first ‘muscle car’ to arrive in Singapore though – arguably the now defunct HSV sedan was one, as was the previous Chrysler 300C SRT-8.

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