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Lexus turbocharges its old ‘250’ models, and unleashes the GS F, a performance-tuned variant of the executive sedan

What: IS200t, GS200t
When: Now
How Much: $203,000 and $249,000 with COE respectively

2.5-litre V6 engines have always been bizarre and uniquely Japanese, but they’re on the way out. The Turbo Era is truly here, and the excellent 238bhp, 2.0-litre turbo engine that debuted on the NX200t will now be found in the IS200t and GS200t sedans, replacing the old IS250 and GS250 models. Figures for the IS200t indicate a rapid 0-100km/h time of 7.0 seconds, top speed of 230km/h and fuel efficiency of 7.2L/100km – compare that to 8.1 seconds, 225km/h and 9.2L/100km previously.

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What: GS F
When: Now
How Much: Around $455,000 with COE

Like the hotted-up version of the RC, the RC F, the GS F is the high-performance version of the big sedan from Lexus. With the same 5.0-litre ‘mixed cycle’ V8 engine cranking out 470bhp and 520Nm of torque, it’ll do 0-100km/h in only 4.6 seconds on to its 270km/h top whack. It’s been specially tuned and improved for life at high speed too, with wider track, totally new suspension, a special Brembo brake system and torque vectoring differential for the rear wheels. If the RC F is anything to go by, the GS F should be rather special – and harass some upmarket Germans while doing so.  

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