New Cars SG 2021 Part 3: Mazda, Mercedes-Benz, Mini


What: C-Class executive sedan
Variants: TBA 
When: Second half 2021
How much: TBA

The next-gen W206 C-Class sedan is in the pipeline and has been spied abroad still in its final testing phase, so don’t expect it any time early in 2021. You can expect this car, one of Mercedes-Benz’s strongest sellers here since forever, to look very much like a miniature S-Class.

What’s less clear is the situation under the bonnet: We can surely expect more electrification, with the current model C 200 already packing mild hybrid tech, and rumours indicate the C-Class could lose six-cylinder engines altogether and go with inline fours and electric power – Volvo already does that throughout its lineup. What’s interesting is that the C-Class, as the smallest of the ‘big’ Mercs, could also receive the 1.33-litre turbo engine that’s currently only seen in the brand’s range of MFA2 platform small cars. Thus it’s also likely that the C-Class could continue as the only Category A car in the executive sedan class, like the current C 160 model does. 

What: EQA electric small SUV
Variants: TBA
When: Second half 2021
How much: Probably S$200,000 or more

BREAKING NEWS 20 Jan 2021: Details and specficiations about the new EQA have just been announced by Mercedes-Benz, full story here!

This will be Mercedes-Benz’s first small BEV, so it probably won’t cost more than S$250,000 (at current COE levels that is). It also shares platform with the other small Mercs, like the GLA which it is very closely related to, both being small SUVs. With a smaller footprint, expect less power and range than its big brother the EQC (below), we expect a ballpark figure of 200-plus horsepower from the motor, and a 50kWh battery pack for at least 250km of range. 

What: EQC electric SUV
Variants: EQC 400
When: First half 2021
How much: At least S$400,000 with COE
The EQC is quite a well-known quantity since CarBuyer test drove it in Norway what seems like a lifetime ago (2019) and Merc’s first BEV is finally coming to Singapore in 2021. Aimed squarely at the Audi E-Tron and Jaguar I-Pace, the car has similar range, power, and performance. As the ‘C’ in its name suggests, it’s a mid-sized car, but like most other ‘first time’ BEVs for a lux brand, it’s an SUV. Super refined and comfy, right now it’s only available in EQC 400 guise with 408hp, more than 400km of range from a 80kWh lithium power pack, and capable of 110kW DC fast charging.

What: S-Class luxury limo
Variants: S 450 L, S 500L 
When: First half 2021
How much: From S$400,000 with COE
Officially unveiled to the world in September 2020, CarBuyer has all the details pertaining to the all-new sixth-gen W223 S-Class and its Singapore debut in our online news story. Long story short, the new car has technology up the wazoo, everything from up to five, large interior screens, to super trick active air suspension, an augmented reality HUD, the latest MBUX user interface, even interior cameras taking cues from your body movements.

There are three petrol engines announced, the S 450 L and S 500 L, with 367hp and 429hp respectively, both with the latest 3.0-litre inline six engine and EQ boost mild-hybrid tech that adds fuel efficiency and slightly more oomph. There is also an S 580 model with a 4.0-litre V8 and mild hybrid tech, for a total of 496hp. There could also be an entry-level S 300 with a 2.0-litre inline-four, like the E 300, as well as a plug-in hybrid with at least 100km of e-range.

As before, the S-Class is likely to be sold here only as a long-wheelbase model (V223), meaning a very lengthy 5.32-metre overall length and 3.26-metre wheelbase, although the optional four-wheel steering and numerous camera/electronic aids will certainly help manuvering the car.  

What: Mercedes-Maybach S-Class
Variants: S 580
When: Second half 2021
How much: At least S$800,000 with COE
Maybach came bach back in the early 2000s, but now its revival is well and truly on the way, having sold 60,000 cars since its ‘proper’ post-2015 revamp. This is the car that could make it a far more recognised, and permanent name. Based on the next S-Class we just described, the Maybach has an even longer stretch at 5.5-metres long and with a 3.4-metre wheelbase, it’s 18cm longer than the standard W223 S-Class. The car is powered by the same V8 powertrain as the S 580, but is made on the AMG factory line and packs a 496hp velvet punch.

Trying to describe all the additional features over the standard S-Class wouldn’t do it justice, but it ranges from ultra-lux interior upholstery and trim, to a hand-painted dual-tone paintjob, a ultra-quiet interior thanks to active noise cancelling and 4D Burmester sound, plus a First Class Rear seat option. Overseas the Maybach is slightly less expensive than its key competitor, the Bentley Flying Spur (close to a million bucks here) so we expect a price tag north of S$800k with COE. 

What: Mercedes-Maybach GLS
Variants: GLS 600
When: Second half 2021
How much: At least S$700,000 with COE 
Yes, there is a Maybach version of the colossal GLS luxury large SUV,  and just like the S-Class version above, it takes the luxury dial and turns it all the way up. A special version of the twin-turbo AMG V8 4.0 powers to car, which has all-wheel drive and air suspension, plus a super-comfy Maybach drive mode. As a super-lux SUV, the car is up against the likes of the Aston Martin DBX and Bentley Bentayga, and will feature tonnes of customisation options including two-tone paint, special two-seat rear with business class-style seats. Unlike the GLS, there is no three-row option, so you can only carry five around in super-lux, high-riding style. 

What: CLS four-door coupe facelift  
Variants: CLS 350, CLA 450, CLS 53 AMG
When: Second half 2021
How much: From S$350,000 
Launched in early 2018, the CLS is already due for its mid-life refresh but it’s not been officially unveiled yet. Like the C-Class, it should see more electrification in order to meet European fleet emissions requirements – the CLS 350 for example, could pair its 2.0-litre turbo with the 48V mild hybrid system.  The CLS 450 and CLS 53 AMG already have the tech, and should be mildly improved too, while there is still no CLS 63 AMG in view because the AMG GT 4-door (below) effectively replaces it. 

Current model GT 4-Door

What: Mercedes-AMG GT 4-Door luxury GT facelift  
Variants: GT 53, GT 63 S
When: Second half 2021
How much: Around S$550,000 and S$750,000 respectively
The GT 4-Door was the most powerful Mercedes in the current line-up when it debuted here in 2019, and that’s still true, with even the less powerful GT 53 being fast, refined, and a proper Porsche Panamera rival. For 2021 it gets a facelift, though it hasn’t been revealed but it should be minor tweaks only. There could be the new 48V mild-hybrid system for the GT 63, and there’s also a rumoured plug-in hybrid model with at least 800 in total, the better to harass Porsche’s Panamera E-Hybrid. The interior will see similar tech improvements as on the regular Mercedes flagship, the S-Class.

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