New Lexus RX to be unveiled in 9 days

A new RX is due here by year’s end, but Lexus is streaming its global launch on the web…

SINGAPORE – An all new Lexus RX is set to be unveiled at the New York auto show next Wednesday, and you’ll be able to watch it happen as Lexus streams the event ‘live’.

The live stream takes place here and is scheduled to get underway on April 1st at 1410 GMT, or 2210hrs our time.

Few details have been released about the car, but Lexus has put out the teaser pic seen above. It shows what looks like a sleeker car with a sportier roofline than the current model.

The new car will be the fourth-generation model of the Lexus RX, a consistent best-seller for the brand and a car that, according to its makers, defined a new segment when it was launched 17 years ago.

Sources here say the new Lexus RX should be on sale in Singapore before the end of 2015.

In the meantime, there’s the unveiling in New York to look forward to.

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