Nissan says a Leaf EV can save you S$3k/year

Its latest video de-mystifying electric vehicles (EVs) highlights some of the benefits the new Leaf EV brings

You needn’t be afraid of electric vehicles (EVs), says Nissan.

The Japanese carmaker has released the latest in a series of videos de-mystifying EVs.

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In Part 4 of ‘Demystifying Electric Vehicles by Nissan’, the short online video covers the various aspects of owning a Nissan Leaf.

The Nissan Leaf is the best-selling EV in the world, and now in its second-generation.

Some key facts are:

– Nissan says the Leaf can save car owners up to $3k a year (S$2,960), based on the average of Southeast Asian drivers travellling less than 80km a day, and using 5.6-litres of petrol.

– The Leaf has the same usability as regular cars with five-seats and a 437-litre boot.

– 85 percent of customers in the Asia-Pacific region are ‘extremely or very concerned about air pollution, and an EV like the Leaf can help reduce local pollution.

According to the LTA, the average Singaporean driver travels 48km a day, but given fuel is quite expensive here, driving an EV would save you some cash in fuel bills, although keep in mind that the road tax for EVs can be significantly higher.

Of course if you read on a regular basis, you already know all this. EVs have pros and cons, as our Guide To Buying An EV shows, and we’ve already test driven the Nissan Leaf (which is due to arrive in Singapore soon) in Hong Kong, and we’ve also delved into the ways Nissan is planning an autonomous vehicle future.

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