Pioneer Z-Series Review: What can a S$4k car sound system really do?

So what did we think of the system overall? 

Keeping in mind the price of the entire system (around S$4,000 without installation) we think it provides excellent performance. Like home audio, you can spend a huge amount on in-car entertainment, but you need to keep your needs and expectations as a listener upfront here. 

In this case we should expect a premium sound experience that can delight casual listeners, but also deliver deeper performance that will please audiophiles, and that’s exactly what the Pioneer system does. 

Installing a full component system into a car can sometimes be a bewildering process with more options than you can get your head around, but Pioneer has always been one of the few companies that aim to make it accessible by offering complete systems from source to speakers. It’s proven in this installation that you can make it come together well in most cars.

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The Pioneer system in detail
The Pioneer system is installed in a 2017 Hyundai Sonata VII and comprises mostly of components from the audio company’s top-flight Z-Series products. As Pioneer says, its flagship audio systems are built for audiophiles and discerning music lovers.

DMH-ZF9350BTS$1,799This is the heart of the system, the 9.0-inch touchscreen infotainment system which launched earlier this year.
TS-Z65CHS$59916.5cm component speakers (woofer/tweeter/crossover) for front left and right
TS-Z65FS$39916.5-cm Two-way speakers for rear left and right
TS-Z10LS4S$42925cm Component subwoofer, mounted in the boot
GM-DX874 S$599Class-FD 4-Channel Bridgeable Amplifier
TotalS$3,825*Prices quoted are RRP with GST, without installation.

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