Porsche 718 range gets the ‘T-reatment’


New 718 T variants bring the ‘back to basics, stack on fun’ treatment to the Boxster and Cayman


Porsche has announced the latest model variant for its fun-filled, two-seater sports coupe 718 range: The 718 T.

The ‘T’ model designation will be familiar to 911 fans, as the 911 T has been around for decades. ‘T’ stands for ‘touring’ which has come to refer to a car that’s been reduced to the essentials for driving fun.

In the 911 T that encompasses less weight, via thinner windows, no infotainment, and a host of features to sharpen up the drive, such as all-wheel steering.

The 718 T model – it’s available for both the 718 Boxster (above left) and 718 Cayman (above right) – has less of the weight reduction and more of the ‘add on dynamic stuff’ approach.

Both 718 T models are 1,380kg, or 15kg heavier than the base 718 equivalents – the T package is available only with the base 300hp, 2.0-litre flat four engine.

But what they do have is quite worth the weight:

PASM (Porsche Active Suspension Management) with a 20mm lower ride height, Sport Chrono Package (with driving modes), and the new Porsche Active Drivetrain Mounts, which quell gearbox vibrations and improve handling.

The 718 T also has 20-inch alloy wheels, ‘model name T’ badges on the interior, a sports exhaust with black tips.

There are still some token weight-saving measures: Door pulls instead of handles, and the buyer can also choose to delete the infotainment system at no additional cost.

Like the 911 T, optioning all the extra equipment on a base 911 is actually more expensive, and Porsche says a buyer saves about five to 10 percent with the T package overall.

The car is estimated to arrive in Singapore in late 2019.

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