Porsche makes sparks fly with free exhibition at Jewel Changi Airport

Luxury sports car brand shows off its electric past, present and near future with its free #Driving Tomorrow exhibition at Jewel Changi Airport, open until December 18, 2020 to January 16, 2021


Porsche today unveiled its #DrivingTomorrow Exhibition at Jewel Changi Airport. The exhibition showcases the German sports car maker’s long history and its modern efforts in electrification and sustainability.

The exhibition is located on the second floor of Jewel Changi Airport, at unit 207-208, next to the art gallery Supermama. Operating hours are 1000h-2200h daily, and the show runs from December 18, 2020, until January 16, 2021.

Managing director of Porsche Asia Pacific, Arthur Willman, with the Porsche Taycan Turbo

Highlights of the show include:

The electric heritage of Porsche, including its first electric vehicle – the Porsche P1/Egger Loehner C.2 Phaeton dating all the way back from 1898.

On display is the Porsche 356, the brand’s first production vehicle, which underscores an interesting sustainability fact : That 70 percent of all Porsches made are still in existence today.

Porsche’s modern sustainability and electrification efforts are also put in the spotlight, the centrepiece being the Porsche Taycan Turbo which is the other car on display. There’s also Porsche Impact, Porsche’s way of allowing its sports car owners to offset carbon output.

There’s also a display showing Porsche Unseen, its collection of once-secret design concepts that have only recently been revealed to the public.

No time to head down to the exhibition or deathly afraid of the school holiday Jewel crowd? CarBuyer has you covered: We’ve a full feature story on Porsche Unseen, we tell you what its like to drive and own a Taycan right here in Singapore, and we even show you it in depth with our video review below.

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