Porsche officially announces Taycan Cross Turismo

New Taycan BEV variant offers shooting brake style with added offroad ability, due in Singapore in the second half of 2021 priced from S$384,758 without COE

Stuttgart, Germany
Porsche has officially unveiled the new version of its Taycan battery electric vehicle (BEV), the Taycan Cross Turismo, which is due to launch in Singapore in the second half of 2021. 

UPDATE: Porsche Singapore says the Taycan Cross Turismo will be priced from S$384,758 without COE/options, and order books are now open. As with the regular Taycan, the car will come with a five year warranty (extendable to 10 years) for the car, and eight year warranty for the battery.

As the Panamera Sport Turismo is to the regular Panamera saloon, the Taycan Cross Turismo has a shooting brake style rear end with a fifth door and larger boot. First announced as the Mission E Cross Turismo concept, it was greenlighted for production in 2018.

Porsche Taycan Turbo S (left) and Taycan 4S (right)

The ‘Cross’ bit of the name is the most interesting: A departure from the Panamera Sport Turismo, Porsche says the Cross Turismo has also been designed to tackle mild off-roading with a special Gravel drive mode.

The Taycan Cross Turismo (henceforth referred to as the ‘CT’) looks largely identical to the current Taycan, at least until your eyes travel downwards and rearwards – the CT’s lower aprons are unique, contrast coloured affairs, as are the winglets at each wheel.

That’s the ‘Cross’ bit, with the darker plastic acting as body protection, as seen on crossovers and SUVs. The car’s overall footprint is also almost identical, with small increases to the wheelbase and front/rear track (less than 10mm), though it’s notably taller at 1,409mm compared to 1,379mm for the sedan. 

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As a shooting brake, the rear end is where all the action is with a raised roofline allowing for 36mm more headroom for rear passengers. The boot space increases from 407-litres on the regular Taycan (Porsche’s figure, though some media quote 366-litres), to 446-litres on the Cross model, and with the seats folded down that increases to 1,200-litres.

With the CT looking to appeal to those who need to carry more cargo, Porsche also offers a three-bicycle carrier for the rear hatch, and a 200km/h-capable, aero-optimised roof box. We would have included them, but Porsche has not yet released photos of the rear cargo space or the hatchback opened.

Porsche says the CT can handle ‘light off-road terrain such as gravel tacks or muddy surfaces’, and comes with an additional Gravel drive mode. In this mode, the air suspension raises the car’s ride height by 30mm (compared to the saloon), and incorporates all drive systems in its programming, such as the power delivery, ESP, traction control, and rear-wheel steering (if optioned). 

Four versions of the Cross Turismo will be available at launch, echoing the regular Taycan’s lineup with one exception: The recently announced entry-level rear-wheel drive version of the Taycan will have no CT version. Like the Panamera Sport Turismo, all versions of the Taycan CT will be all-wheel drive with one electric motor driving each axle.

Taycan 4 Cross TurismoTaycan 4S Cross TurismoTaycan Turbo Cross TurismoTaycan Turbo S Cross Turismo
490hp/571hp 625hp/680hp 625hp/761hp
0-100km/h5.1 seconds4.1 seconds3.1 seconds2.9 seconds
Top Speed220km/h240km/h250km/h250km/h

The Taycan CT range comprises of the 4, 4S, Turbo, and Turbo S models. All versions are offered with air suspension as standard, and the extended Performance Battery Plus which has a 93.4kWh capacity. The car uses the same 800V electrical system the Taycan debuted, which allows for fast charging at up to 270kW, with 100km of range added in five minutes, Porsche claims. For home charging 11kW is the standard rate (roughly nine hours to full) with an optional 22kW charger. 

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