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porsche upgrade your drive singapore

Having your own Porsche is a dream come true, and now it’s a little easier to ‘daydream’

SINGAPORE — Chinese New Year has come and gone with queues of punters snaking around the block hoping that little extra bit of Lunar New Year luck might’ve come their way.

Obviously, Porsche is not in that line of business, but it does know more than a little about maximising luck as its record-holding Le Mans tally of 18 wins shows clearly.

If you’re fortunate enough to be in the market for a Porsche 911, Cayenne or Macan, then your dream just got a little closer to reality thanks to two attractive offers from Porsche, which could save you nearly $20,000.

It’s not a game of chance either, since you get to select what’s most important for you: Choose between Porsche Financial Services (PFS) with a better interest rate, or an equipment Premium Package for each model.  

This offer is for limited numbers of 911, Cayenne and Macan models.

Porsche Financial Services Special Interest Rate
Porsche Financial Services is offering an attractive 1.99 percent interest rate for financing your purchase of a 911, Cayenne or Macan, compared to the industry standard 2.78 percent interest rate.

porsche upgrade your drive promotion singapore interest

How does this work? A lower interest rate means, basically, you’ll pay less overall for financing the purchase at the end of the day.

For example, with a Porsche 911 Carrera 3.0 PDK with a cost price of $446,088 without COE with a loan quantum of seven years and a 40 percent loan, the PFS interest rate of 1.99 percent means you pay $14,801* less in interest over the course of seven years, compared to a standard loan with the usual 2.68 percent interest.

Figures stated here are examples only. For a full, comprehensive quote please contact Porsche Centre Singapore.

Premium Packages
A true joy of owning a Porsche is making it truly yours. There’s a huge range of options to choose from, but the Premium Packages on offer here will start you off on that journey of personalisation – at no extra cost whatsoever.

911 Premium Option Package 
Total Price Advantage SGD 19,415

porsche 911 price singapore review

– Sport Exhaust System
On the 911, the centrally-positioned sports exhaust delivers and enhanced, rich and stirring exhaust note that perfectly characterises the car’s horizontally-opposed six-cylinder engine. It’s a treat for the eyes and the ears, but also appropriate for the situation: it can also be engaged via a button.

porsche upgrade your drive promotion singapore

– Porsche Entry & Drive  
With Porsche Entry & Drive, you can leave the key in your pocket – no fiddling around with your hands full – and simply hop in, start the car and get down to the important bit: driving. Additionally, it also unlocks the luggage compartment automatically if you’re standing nearby.

porsche low interest rate singapore

– Sport Design Exterior Mirrors
Side-view mirrors with exclusive Porsche SportDesign looks and improved aerodynamics thanks to the V-shaped mirror base.

porsche 911 promotion singapore

– Tinted LED Taillights
Featuring a red lens with smoked internal parts for an even more dynamic appearance. 

Cayenne Option Premium Package
Total Price advantage SGD 19,077

porsche upgrade your drive cayenne promotion singapore

– Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM)
PASM includes electronically-controlled active dampers which self-adjust depending on the situation and your driving style. Three selectable modes, Comfort, SPORT and SPORT PLUS, tailor the responses to suit your needs even further. 

porsche upgrade your drive singapore cayenne

– Tinted LED Taillights
Featuring a red lens with smoked internal parts for an even more dynamic appearance.

porsche cayenne upgrade your drive

– Sport Exhaust System
A modified main silencer for an enhanced exhaust note plus twin, chrome-plated tailpipe trims. 

Macan Premium Option Package
Total Price advantage SGD 15,981

porsche upgrade your drive macan singapore

– Sport Chrono Package
The Sport Chrono Package is a favourite amongst drivers who enjoy extra dynamism in their cars. It includes an analog/digital sport watch instrument on the centre console (hence the Chrono name), the SPORT PLUS drive mode which optimises throttle, engine and gearbox response as well as the stability and traction control systems in preparation for emotional, dynamic driving. The package also adds Launch Control, which allows drivers to achieve the best possible acceleration from standstill, just like in racing.

porsche macan upgrade your drive singapore

– Tinted LED Taillights
Featuring a red lens with smoked internal parts for an even more dynamic appearance.

upgrade your drive porsche macan singapore

– Sport Exhaust System
A modified main silencer for an enhanced exhaust note selectable via a button in the cockpit and your choice of silver or black tailpipe trims.

*1.99%: 7 year loan term, $267,653 loan amount (40 percent), monthly installment $3,630, total interest paid $37,284, total loan + interest $304,937
2.78%: 7 year loan term, $267,653 loan amount, monthly installment $3,806, total interest paid $52,085, total loan + interest $319,738

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