Powering up The British Club Open House with the Nissan Leaf

Nissan distributor Tan Chong was an official partner of The British Club’s Open House and Family Day, where it showcased the Leaf EV.


The British Club held its annual Open House and Family Day on June 15, and Nissan was at the forefront of the festivities.

The club’s main porch was the site of the Nissan stand, where the company demonstrated the Leaf’s energy sharing capabilities by hooking one up to power a candy floss and popcorn machine.

Used in this manner, an on-site Nissan representative estimated that the Leaf’s batteries should be able to provide power for around ten hours.

This is a small representation of the Leaf’s energy sharing potential, which Nissan envisions can help to power your home. Under a project called Nissan Energy Homes, the company is putting the idea to the test with seven thousand households in Japan, where a Leaf is used to help manage the households’ energy requirements more efficiently.

It basically works like a giant capacitor, charging up its batteries during off-peak hours, and able to sell power back to the grid during peak periods.

In addition to this demonstration, two Leafs (Leaves?) were also available for customer test drives, with the steep slope leading up to the club and the quiet residential roads surrounding it proving an ideal place to experience the Leaf’s silent electric drive and e-Pedal driving mode.

The e-Pedal, as we found in our review, is a novel way of controlling the car, as it allows one to drive around using only one pedal – ease off the throttle and the car’s regenerative braking kicks in, slowing the car down sufficiently such that the brake pedal need not be touched during normal driving.

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