This is the Rolls-Royce Cullinan…

… the fabled brand’s first Sport Utility Vehicle. CarBuyer has had an exclusive preview. Here are early details.

UPDATE: Find full details of the new Rolls-Royce here

SINGAPORE — The Sport Utility Vehicle that Rolls-Royce has been openly working on for years has finally been unveiled. Meet the new Cullinan, an ultra-luxury SUV that marks several firsts for the fabled brand: its first SUV (naturally), its first all-wheel drive car, and in some ways its first family-oriented car.

CarBuyer has had a sneak preview of the Cullinan and spoken to key Rolls-Royce staff to find out exactly what drove the company to put a Spirit Of Ecstasy (the flying lady emblem on the grille of every Rolls) on the bonnet of an SUV. While the car undergoes its global unveiling as you read this, here’s what we can tell you:

– It offers conventional three-across seats in the rear, as per normal SUVs. That’s the Lounge Seat option (below), and yes, the seats fold down to increase cargo space.

– For the more usual Rolls experience, you should order the Individual Seat option, which features two extensively adjustable seats separated by a fixed console, which contains a drinks cabinet and cool box.

– It’s meant to be an “informal” Rolls-Royce. Product manager says the rear of the car is a “convivial” space that should be shared.

– There’s a motorised drawer in the boot called the Recreation Module. It’s there to house your hobby toys, whether you enjoy photography, fishing, drone racing or whatever.

– You can also specify the Cullinan Viewing Suite, which slides out to reveal two small rear-facing leather chairs and a little table. Very la-dee-dah.

– The Cullinan shares the same underpinnings as the Phantom, which will remain Rolls’ flagship.

– That implies the new SUV will cost less than the S$1,778,888 it costs to buy a standard Phantom.

– It shares the same 6.75-litre, twin-turbo V12, with the same amount of power (563hp) but a bit less peak torque (850Nm).

– It will make its Singapore debut by the third quarter of this year. Deliveries will start in 2019 if you order one then.

– Singapore will get the car relatively early because it’s a key market for Rolls. The Knight Frank Wealth Report 2018 estimates that around 1,400 people with a fortune of at least US$50m (S$67m) live here.

Those are the quick and dirty facts. Want proper detail? Click here for our exclusive dig beneath the surface of the remarkable Rolls-Royce Cullinan.

Now watch the Cullinan get nice and dirty… and drifty!

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